Welcome to my blog, and a post dedicated to cheese and cake

Welcome to my blog.  I guess that is a welcome to you and a welcome to me, seeing as this is my first time posting on a blog as well.

There’s been a few new food experiences I have had lately that made me think I would probably like to start writing all of this down, even if no one reads this but me and my mum.

Probably fairly typical for a 20-something year old girl (woman?) but I will start off slow – making cupcakes on the weekend is one of my favourite things to do.  I always get a bit carried away and have to take them to work the next week, which I can assure you my workmates do not complain about. Using my thermomix has made everything that much easier, from creaming butter and sugar to making up a great ganache

The obvious….carrot cupcakes
Red Velvet cupcake
My birthday special
A slightly bigger version of the birthday special for someone special
I get a lot of queries when if I bring these in to work – ‘whats the special occasion’? There is some mixed reactions when I say that’s what I get up to on the weekend and that I just made to many to possibly eat myself, but by that point people usually have their mouth too full of cupcake to say anything else.
On to my other passion in life – cheese, wonderful cheese
and beer…did I mention beer?
This photo was taken on a recent trip to Melbourne, at a fantastic fromagerie called Milk the Cow.  Oh. My. Gosh.  This place was amazing.  A licensed fromagerie, where you could get ‘flight plates’, which matched cheese with your choice of wine, beer or cider.  Or you can have one of their pre-set cheese boards, or you can just go crazy with the cheese behind the counter and make your own.  You can get take away cheese boards, and most amazing of all their even make wedding cakes made out of cheese. That is a cake I could say ‘I do’ to!
Whilst we were in Melbourne we also went to Chin Chin, where I was too busy stuffing my face with food to take any photos. If you are reading this and you do find yourself there, I would recommend the ‘feed me’ option. They will bring you food, food and more food until they have to roll you out of the place. And all of it is amazing.
Well thats probably enough for a first post, talk to you all next time

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