Me and my breakfast

Sometimes it is nice to go out and have someone cook you breakfast, but other times is there anything better than getting out of bed at 11am on a Sunday and cooking yourself a glorious breakfast? You don’t have to get dressed, and you can laze around, drink coffee, and justify eating a ridiculous amount of food because it is both breakfast and lunch!
My new found passion for breakfast is sous vide eggs in my thermomix.  You will need to fill the thermomix with water, put the steamer basket and your desired amount of eggs (in the shell) and heat at 60 degrees at speed 3 until the thermomix heats up, then 60 degrees for 60 minutes at speed 3.

But backing up a bit, if you want hollandaise sauce with your end product, probably best to make this before you do the eggs.  I use the thermomix EDC recipe, there is plenty of more ‘gourmet’ recipes out there but I didn’t find any of them worked all that well, particularly the ones with vinegar in them! Just an example of when going back to basics can be good.  Anyway, the EDC recipe is just 4 egg yolks, 130g of butter, 20g of lemon juice and S+P to taste.  8 minutes, 90 degrees, speed 3 with the butterfly in and your all set (well, your hollandaise is anyway). It’s almost like magic.
Back to the eggs! I put them on as noted before, and stared woefully at the timer. 60 minutes feels like so long when your longing for your eggs. To distract myself in the mean time i went down to the shops to buy some haloumi and avocado, had a shower and put some washing on.
Waiting, waiting, waiting
At about this point in time I toasted some ciabatta and opened up my avocado to spread on it and got a pleasant surprise:
The smallest seed ever! I don’t know how much avocado’s cost wherever you are reading this, but in Perth recently we have been paying up to $4 per avocado.  So at least this tiny avocado seed made me feel as though i had gotten the best value for money possible. Not such good news for my housemate who is trying to grow our avocado seeds to plant an avo tree
avo growing
I am not sure how this works exactly, but apparently it’s the first step in growing a tree
I cooked my haloumi, and some bacon until it was super super crispy.  Also made some coffee, and things got a bit hectic in those last ten minutes trying to bring everything together
Glorious glorious coffee
Then the eggs were ready! Lift them out in the steamer basket and crack them like you normal would a raw egg, and you will end up with this gloriousness
sous vide
Gorgeous velvety yolks that are practically spreadable – not quite poached, not quite hard boiled, all perfection
I then dried the thermomix quickly and threw in the bacon to make bacon dust – an idea I got from Dani Valent’s virtual bacon dust concept in his cookbook ‘In the Mix’.  But why make virtual bacon dust when you can have real bacon dust?
bacon before
bacon after
Just blitz it on a high speed for a couple of seconds. Hey, even throw in some parmesan as well if you want – why not!
I covered my eggs with the bacon dust, popped some hollandaise on top and some haloumi on the side and sat back satisfied with my eggs and safe in the knowledge that deciding not to go to pump class on Sunday morning was definitely the right decision

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