Forever in the pursuit of a better breakfast, this morning O and I traipsed off to Aliment in West Leederville.  Very much the new kid on the block, Aliment has just opened up on the 9 of June at 170 Railway Pde.  The name itself is an archaic word for nourishment, and I had high hopes for this place on a cold Tuesday morning before a long day at work.

We arrived just after they opened and there were a couple of people there already, and we hurried inside into the warmth. The vibe around the cafe was a little odd – they are building a lot offices and apartments above the cafe and it feels like it should be   a busy space but is strangely quiet.  I am sure that this will change quickly at those apartments and offices fill out.

Quickly working out that you could grab a menu and order at the counter, we took a seat to peruse the menu. I decided on the eggs benedict, as I am always in the mood for hollandaise , and O went for the ‘toast with toppings’.

I also ordered a flat white, and a chocolate milkshake for O (who doesn’t drink coffee!). I was informed that they didn’t have chocolate milkshakes, and when I asked if they had any other non-coffee beverages she thought for a moment and said they did have iced chocolate, but I would have to wait 5 minutes as her boss was away and she didn’t know how to make it. That was an odd conversation, but  I did feel a bit sorry for the girl behind the counter, as she was obviously new and either way we weren’t fussed with waiting and indeed, everything was ironed out when her boss came back.


Flat white?

It took a while to come out but when it did my flat white was enjoyable. They they use Genovese  beans which I haven’t experienced before but would definitely go back for – it has a nice body to it without being too bitter.  However it definitely wasn’t a flat white, and came with a decent amount of foam on the top.  O’s chocolate milkshake/iced chocolate came out 5 minutes after that and he said that was creamy and chocolately. How he could drink it when it was about 5 degrees outside I don’t know.

The food came out not too long after that, and I have to say it was more impressive than I was expecting at that point in time.

eggs 1

Eggs benedict

eggs 2

Happy yolks 🙂

The eggs benedict had a nice balance to them, the hollandaise had a good tanginess to it and the yolks spilled out over the rest of the dish nicely.

However, O’s toast with toppings was the star of the show in this morning



The feta was nice and creamy, the avocado was sprinkled with red onion and a small bit of chilli and the perfect amount of balsamic. Simple, yet perfect, for this Tuesday morning.

We also spied the people next to us who had ordered the shakshouka, which look absolutely delightful as well.  There was a lovely looking array of baked goods available at the counter, along with a few pre-made breakfast themed sandwiches.

Overall – the food was good, and the staff (including the chef) were extra friendly and obliging with subsitituions to our order, and my request for a receipt about half an hour after I had ordered.  A few glitches with the drinks didn’t detract from our experience, and I am sure things will be ironed out as they are open for longer.  A nice spot for a weekday breakfast.
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