After a big night at the footy on Saturday, and after O had stayed up practically all night watching the World Cup, we rolled out of bed at about 10am and decided that breakfast somewhere close by was in order.  I hadn’t been to to fortysevenkirwanstreet before and my housemates are always raving about it, so we decided to head down the road and check it out.

Located at 47 Kirwan St (unsuprisingly), Floreat I was expecting a fairly surburban cafe – how misinformed I was.  Pulling up, we had to circle the block to find a parking spot.  There was a lot of side streets that we probably could have parked on, but feeling lazy we hung out for a parking spot just outside.  There was a lot of people waiting out front and we toyed with the idea of going elsewhere, but it turned out they were just waiting for take away coffee and we got a table for two straight away.

The cafe was bright and bustling, and all the staff were in a great mood despite the constant stream of people coming in and out of the door. O spotted one of the West Coast Eagles players at the table across from us, which instantly made his day. Service was great considering how busy the cafe was, and we were given menu’s and a bottle of water before too long.

There was two pages to the menu, but the second page was more exciting by far

There was two pages to the menu, but the second page was more exciting by far

I decided to get the mushies on brioche, and O had the potato and leek bake with smoked salmon.  We toyed with the idea of the brioche french toast, but it was a tad too early for us to have something that sweet.  If the rest of brekkie wasn’t so filling it could have been a good breakfast dessert option – maybe next time we can hold out a bit longer for breakfast and that will be feasible! The waitress let us know that there was about a 20 minute wait on food which was great – I have no problem with waiting but it’s always made easier when you have a timeframe in mind.

My coffee came out about 10 or so minutes later, which didn’t bother me as it meant I still had some left by the time breakfast came out – I tend to finish my coffee’s fairly quickly and then be tempted to order another one to have with my food. Toby’s estate beans made for a creamy coffee full of flavour, and it was served at room temperature which is always a winner in my books.

coffeeWe enviously eyed up the food around us as we waited for our order to come out, and when it did it was well worth the wait

Leek and potato bake, smoked salmon and hollandaise

Leek and potato bake, smoked salmon and hollandaise

O enjoyed his smoked salmon, and I tried the hollandaise and it was creamy and tangy, as all good hollandaise should be. The potato bake was made out of shredded potato, and struck the perfect balance between crunchy and mushy.

Mushies and brioche

My dish was perfect – the goats cheese was placed directly on top of the brioche and had soaked into that soft soft buttery bread, and the endive provided a slightly bitter contrast which, along with the caramelised onions, rounded off the dish nicely. I was on to a winner here.

As we finished up our meals and got up to pay (feeling guilty about sitting around with the queue that was forming outside) I ogled the baked goods that were on the counter.  Yummy looking cupcakes, slices and loaves of bread tempted me to buy more for later, but it had been such an unhealthy weekend I forced my eyes away.


This will have to wait for next time

fortysevenkirwanstreet was a pleasure from the moment we walked in the door until the moment we walked out.  All the elements of a great cafe were there – friendly staff, simple decor and great food .  I can’t believe I have lived so close by without ever visiting, and now that situation has been rectified I think this little place will be on high rotation.

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One thought on “fortysevenkirwanstreet

  1. Sam says:

    I’m so glad you liked it 🙂 it’s always such an easy crowd pleaser in my books. Consistently yummy food and a good vibe.

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