Pleased to meet you

On Saturday evening, wandering out of Patersons Stadium after another triumphant win for the Fremantle Dockers at the expense of the Eagles, O and I were faced with the dilemna of a train station that had a queue to even get on the platform, and a hunger in our tummies that had been fuelled by jumping up and down and screaming for the past two and a half hours. We debated for a while as to where to go, Kitsch featured, but eventually decided that we would brave the trains back into the city and head to Pleased to Meet You, as we had both been wanting to go for a while.

Located at 38 Roe Street in Northbridge’s China town district, PTMY is doing some amazing things with South American style street food styled tapa’s. Its owner, Clint Nolan, has already established La Cholita on nearby William Street and Whos Your Mumma in Fremantle, and it seems to be only onwards and upwards with his latest venture. They don’t take bookings, and as you walk in you’re greeted by friendly staff who will find you a seat at the mess hall style tables.  Being fairly early, we were lucky enough to nab a couple of more secluded seats at the window facing out on to Roe Street.

The waitress let us know that we could order up at the counter we were ready, and left us with the drinks menu. We needed to get up to see the food menu, which was located up at the bar.

IMG_3968SO many delicious options! First up we ordered raw beef san choy bau, pork crackle with avo dip, pulled pork sliders, duck taco, kai-lan, oyster and garlic and roast pork ramen. I also ordered a glass of grenache, and O a handle of the 4 pines Kolsch, and all this only came to $73!! I noted with interest that you can purchase beer by the ‘growler’ here – an option that was popular in the U.S when I was there a few years ago I am noticing it more and more around Perth lately.  We skipped that one due to the amount of beer previously consumed at the football, however an definite option for next time!

The speed at which the food came out was astounding – I think that within about 5 or 10 minutes of ordering we already had our pulled pork slider, duck taco and pork crackle with dip.

Pork crackle

Pork crackle – this came out to the table still crackling, and popped in your mouth like popping candy.  The avo dip had just the right amount of lime, and cut through the crackle perfectly


Duck taco and pulled pork slider – a good size to cut in half and share

The san choy bau came out next – don’t be put off by the idea of raw beef with this one, the creamy meat is offset by the crispy lettuce and corn chip pieces sprinkled all over.

IMG_3973At this point we had started to crane our necks back around to the menu to decide what we could order next, because although portion sizes were good we knew there was going to have to be at least 1 one more pulled pork slider, and that dessert was definitely going to happen.  However we didn’t have much time to think about that, as out came the kai-lan and the roast pork ramen.

I didnt get a photo of the kai-lan, but the plate of fairly typical Asian greens, doused in a chilli and garlic dressing which tasted fresh and had a good amount of zing to it.  I think that ordering that as a side to a meatier dish would be a better choice next time, but you live and you learn and we thoroughly enjoyed it on its own.  The roast pork ramen was probably my least favourite of the dishes of the dishes we ate that night, but that isn’t to say it wasn’t good!


With roast pork, an egg, enoki mushrooms, bamboo shoots and ‘two minute noodle’-esque noodles this was a hearty and filling dish, particularly for this cold winters night

Now it was time to order more food.  We had used up a bit more of the space in our stomach’s now, so we did just go for one more pulled pork slider.  We probably could have been more adventourous, but there will definitely be a second (and third, and fourth) trip to PTMY, so thats something for next time.  We also ordered the s’mores, and the ice cream nachos.  I was intrigued – would they use corn chips? O was of the opinion that they would use ice cream cone style wafers as the ‘chips’.

We didn’t have to wait long too long to find out, and I have to say that they surpassed all expectations


With corn chips dusted with icing sugar, cinnamon icecream, strawberry salsa and strips of mango masquerading as cheese, this was nachos as they have never been done before

The s’mores didnt come anywhere close to disappointing either



Deconstructed s’mores with chocolate mousse, roasted marshmallows, a creme brulee flavoured custard and crunchy biscuit pieces

This gooey mess made you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and could justify the choice to go to PTMY purely to have dessert.  Although why would you, when there are so many other things to try?  Next time I think that a couple of hundred grams of roast suckling pig will be on my menu – it comes from a whole pig on a rotisserie at the back of the restaurant.  A couple next to us also ordered the baby chicken habanero which looked divine.

Until next time!

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