The Little Pantry

Breakfast somewhere very close by was in order today – O and I had woken up with considerable headaches from the antics at the Good Food and Wine Show the previous night.  All week I had been planning on going to the show on Saturday morning, however I was convinced by a workmate that day that my time there would be much better spent on if I went on Friday night and took full advantage of wine tasting opportunities.

So off we went on Friday night, and the show was really fun. All was going well….until we hit the Barossa. New wine tastings every metre or so was a recipe for drunkenness, and all I can say is I am happy we had already checked everything else out before we landed in there.  We woke up the next day worse for wear, and upon my stumble to the bathroom I came across some cheese I didn’t remember buying, along with 8 bottles of wine and some macarons. It was at this point we decided we would walk around the corner to Little Pantry for some much needed coffee and carbs before dealing with the mess from the night before.

Lake Jualbup

Lake Jualbup

We enjoyed our walk over there – the park and the lake were looking particularly fine this morning! Where had this sunny weather come from?  We finally made up to Little Pantry after what felt like an eternity but was really only about 600 metres, and grabbed one of the tables outside. They do have an indoor courtyard out the back, but it was pretty full and we felt like the fresh air might do our heads some good even though it was a bit chilly in the shade.


Little Pantry from the outside – The Nic next door is a great local bar as well

Little Pantry has a small menu, but it doesn’t matter too much because I have enough trouble choosing between the few things that are on there as it is! Everything sounds so yummy.


Today I decided to have the polenta, mushroom ragu, poached duck egg and truffle oil, whilst O went with the pumpkin, sage and parmesan fritters with pulled pork, green tomato relish and a poached egg.  To keep some things predictable, I got a flat white and O a chocolate milkshake.

DSC01287O’s milkshake came out first, the waitress initially bought out a vanilla milkshake and apologised about 10 times and quickly bought out a chocolate one to replace it which wasn’t a problem at all.  The milkshake however wasn’t too exciting, a bit bland without that exciting chocolate taste.


My coffee came out about 5 minutes later, and was creamy with a fairly mild taste to it.  It was served at room temperature, which meant that due to my own choice to sit outside I had to drink it fairly quickly to avoid it going cold.  But there are worse things in life right?

Food took another ten minutes or so to come out, fairly reasonable seeing as the cafe was packed out.

O's meal

O’s meal

O’s dish was definitely the star of the day! The green chilli jam was deliciously sweet but still with the bite that you want, the pulled pork was flavoursome and the fritters were crunchy on the outside and wonderfully light and soft on the inside. The pumpkin taste was there and the sage and parmesan shone through without overwhelming the rest of the dish.  The egg was also perfectly poached.


Things got a little messy before this photo

My dish didn’t look quite as exciting as that, but still delicious.



My duck egg lived up to the expectations that O’s had created, and I was amazed at how yellow the yolk was and how much flavour was in it! The mushrooms were well cooked, they still had a bit of bite to them without being too floppy.  I think there could have been a bit more truffle oil in the dish, I only got a vague taste of it in a few bites, however I am crazy about truffles so others may feel differently about that.  I also thought the polenta could have done with more flavour, perhaps it needed some more stock or could do with some parmesan.  But the egg was so beautiful and that made the dish a pleasure to eat.


I really love the plates

Little Pantry is a great little spot to have breakfast, the staff are always friendly, it’s away from the hustle and bustle of Subiaco and they use high quality, fresh ingredients which always makes for a good meal.  The coffee is pleasant without being overpowering, and if you don’t have time to stop by for a hot breakfast then there is a yummy range of baked good and pre-prepared options at the counter.



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