Gordon St Garage

After seeing hundreds of photos on Instagram of the food being produced at Gordon St Garage, I finally decided on Friday morning that it was time to go and check it out for myself because I have been way behind the 8 ball on this one!  O wanted to go on Saturday morning, but I really enjoy going to popular places for breakfast during the week, because you very rarely have to wait in the lines that are getting so frequent on the weekend, and you get a little more attention from the wait staff.  Plus, eggs are a great start to any day at work!

Ollie (as usual) impatiently waiting for me to stop taking pictures

O (as usual) impatiently waiting for me to stop taking pictures

So we arrived at Gordon St Garage at about 7.15 on Friday, and surely enough we could choose almost any seat we wanted.  I was delighted by the decor – the space is light and airy, really keeping true to its warehouse origins, and big windows at each end and skylights on the roof mean there is loads of beautiful natural light (despite the clouds outside). They have table after table after table, and I can’t imagine how hectic it gets when its full! They also have a cute garden area outside, and an upstairs area with some comfy looking couches.  We chose a table right down the end next to the outdoor area.

gordon street garage

Plenty of tables inside

A little wet this morning, but next time maybe

A little wet outside this morning, but next time maybe

We were promptly attended to by a waitress, who brought us some water and menu’s.  The range of coffee was fantastic, they roast their own beans there in the Mano a Mano coffee roaster, and the different blends are listed on the menu with handy tasting notes including floral, nutty, stone fruit and chocolatey to name a few!

The big news for this morning was that I ordered my first cold drip coffee! It was with the Gisetti blend which promised to be berry-like and bright, and it sure was! My first sip was a big surprise and I wasn’t sure about it as I am so used to having my coffee with milk, but I persevered and ended up really loving it. Not sure I will be persuaded away from hot coffee for the rest of winter, but this will be a big hit in summer. O got a iced chocolate, and that was also delicious, super chocolatey and creamy (I made him let me taste it of course).

cold drip and iced chocolateOn the food front, I ordered the Jerez-egg (which is basically a baked egg) with chorizo, tomato and bread ($19), whilst O ordered the BBQ salmon with sumac, barley, swiss chard and grapes ($24). These were slightly expensive meals for breakfast, but involved hearty portions and quality ingredients

Delicious big chunks of salmon

Delicious big chunks of salmon

O’s salmon came in big juicy chunks, and he said the dressing was tangy and really added a zing that cut through the dish. Everything on the plate looked really fresh, and O demolished it fairly quickly so I am guessing it was pretty good.

baked eggs

My dish came out at the same time and I was very pleased with it. The tomato was very rich, and the chorizo had a little bite to it without being too overpowering. There was also a really decent amount of it too which was appreciated. The eggs seemed a bit firm initially but once I broke it open the yolks were perfectly cooked.

Nice and runny

Nice dark yellow colour and runny

The bread was nice to soak up some of the sauce, I probably didn’t quite need all of it that early in the morning but I am never one to turn down carbs. It wasn’t too dense though, so I didn’t feel too bad.

BreakfastTo sum it up, the meals at Gordon St Garage were filling and full of flavour, and didn’t skimp on the quality ingredients. The wait staff were very friendly and attentive, our water glasses were never left wanting and dishes came out and were cleared up promptly without us feeling rushed. The prices are up there in terms of what you will pay for breakfast in Perth, but you definitely get value for your pennies.

The back entrance // our exit

The back entrance // our exit

Whilst I was there I also signed up for something called a public cupping – this sounded fairly unappealing initially, but turns out its a coffee tasting of sorts that the roasters there (Mano a Mano) run each fortnight. Plus it was free, so how could I say no? It seems they probably hold it upstairs on the comfy couches as well, which is another plus. You can sign up for these on their website – clicking that link might be a safer bet than googling ‘public cupping’.

The cozy upstairs area

The cozy upstairs area

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