Little Bird Cafe

I try and be good and bring my lunch to work each day, but by the time it gets around to Friday sometimes it all gets a bit too much. I mean, you have to get up before the sun, you have to make yourself presentable, you have to remember to put all the things you need for the ENTIRE day in your bag in the morning, and then you have to squish on a train with what feels like every other person in Perth.  So sometimes, packing your lunch is just a little bit too much.

So I think you know where this is going – on Friday it was time to go out for lunch. Lauren – a friend from work – and I decided to walk over to Little Bird Cafe on Lake Street, because we had heard that smoothies were meant to be fantastic.

We wandered over on that warm sunny day, and although we weren’t sure exactly where we were going, we eventually came across the little courtyard that belonged to Little Bird Cafe not long after walking past The Re-store.

The welcoming courtyard

Because it was such a lovely sunny winters day we decided to hang out outside for a while.  We did have to head in to order though, and the decor inside was super cute so I definitely wouldn’t have minded sitting in there as well.  Now – this is when I saw the cakes. Henceforth to be known as The Cakes, because cakes like this deserve a proper noun for their name.

So much cake

So much cake

Wow.  There was salted caramel cheesecake, carrot cake, peanut butter and chocolate cake, hummingbird cake, and so on.  The Cakes were all so pretty!!

Peanut butter and chocolate cake

Peanut butter and chocolate cake – the best looking one!

Once I finished ogling The Cakes, it was time to choose something to eat.  All the food is listed on chalkboards above the counter, as are the smoothies.

So many options

So many options

The amount of delicious smoothie options they have is amazing! I had a strawberry and tahini smoothie, and Lauren got the peanut butter and chocolate.  I also ordered a steak sandwich (around $17 from memory?) and Lauren the granola (which I think was a bit cheaper).

We took our seats outside in the sun, and a friendly waiter bought our smoothies out pretty quickly.

strawberry and tahini

I wasn’t sure about the takeaway cup for dining in, but the smoothie itself was delicious.  Strong strawberry flavour but not too sweet, and the combination of tahini and almond milk as well practically made it health food.  Lauren’s peanut butter and chocolate smoothie was off the hook though – so thick it was almost bordering on icecream!! Like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, but a thousands times better and without that sickly sweetness.  So nothing like a peanut butter cup really. I didn’t get a picture but it wouldn’t have done it justice – you are just going to have to believe me on this one.

The same guy bought our food out, and we had a quick chat. He apologised for the strawberries on top of the granola, explaining that they had run out of poached pears.  To be honest though, who could be upset about these strawberries?



We assured him that if anything, they looked as though they would  be an improvement on the poached pears. Having never had the poached pears we couldn’t be sure, but  they were so juicy and red, and Lauren said they were absolutely perfect.  She also said the yoghurt was coconut-ty and refreshing, and the granola itself looked like honey rice crackles – yum! The little flowers were the cutest addition.


It came with a cute little milk bottle

My steak sandwich was really tasty


Not quite as photogenic, but the tomato chutney was so tangy, the steak juicy and the bread really fresh. It was a really good size for a lunch dish, not to over the top, and I was uber happy with it.

We went back inside so I could grab some cake to takeaway, and after much indecision I decided to get the carrot cake

carrot cake

It was just so pretty, and when I took it back to work I showed just about everyone in the office.  Unfortunately,  I never got to taste it because I had a couple of drinks after work and left it on the table at PICA :(. Luckily one of my work mates was still there and she took it home, so at least somebody got to some joy out of it. And it just means I HAVE to go back to try more cake – what a pity.

As we walked out the door we got a lovely reminder from the chalkboard – and even though I didn’t get a very good photo of it, I’ll share it here with you now

Don't be blue!!

Don’t be blue!!

Little Bird Cafe is a fantastic little spot – reasonably priced lunches, super cute food and the most amazing cakes made right there by the staff in the kitchen.  The smoothies themselves are well worth a visit, but why would you stop at just that? Sit a while and enjoy the vibe I say.

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