Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall

Man it has been cold in the mornings this week! Lovely sunny days, but teeth-chattering, scarf inducing mornings. Getting out of bed has not been easy, particularly when the warm body next to you doesn’t get up until about half an hour after you do.  Lucky there is many a breakfast to be had in the city, otherwise there may have been the danger of never getting out of bed at all. Except for work (minor details!).

This week my breakfast of choice was to be Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall, with the friend from work who was kind enough to take my cake that I got from Little Bird Cafe home with her when I foolishly left it at PICA bar after a couple too many mulled wines last Friday.  Don’t we all needs friends like that! Her name is Sarah, and most Sarah’s seem to be nice people I think? In my experience anyway. Amendable to cake and coffee as well, so the kind of people you want to know.

Anyway, Sarah and I agreed to meet at Uncle Joe’s at about 7.40 on Wednesday, and so we did.  I got there a little early to soak up a bit of the vibe, plus I had woken up a before my alarm and had a good book to read while I waited 10 minutes or so.

If you haven’t been, Uncle Joe’s is a pretty cool space.  Imagine if you had an old warehouse/ alleyway/ garage of some sort, and you wanted to fit it out as a cafe so it was as hipster as possible.  Got that mental image? Now times that by ten, and add a healthy dose of flowers, and you’re probably close to what Uncle Joes is.

As you walk in, and be careful not to miss the discreet entrance, you wander past the barber shop, some cool wall art, and a rather questionable sign


Easy to miss!


You can’t argue that it’s not enticing


A bit blurred due to my lack of photography finesse, but the faces all have differing amounts of facial hair

Then there is the old carrier bicycle hanging from the roof as you get to the cafe, along with a pair of sneakers


The space itself looks like an old warehouse that they have put a mezzanine level roof on, and it is fitted out in a very retro manner.  The open kitchen is behind the counter where you order and the row of tables down the side lined with plush looking cushions and flowers is a pretty contrast to the exposed brick walls and industrial fans hanging from the roof.  There is also some vintage couches near the counter where you can lounge stylishly whilst waiting for your takeaway coffee


A very welcoming seating area

Lots of pretty touches

Lots of pretty finishing touches

The menu is reasonably priced and fairly interesting, although on Wednesday both Sarah and I were swayed towards the Canadian bacon – pumpkin pancakes, crispy bacon, pecans and maple syrup.  I normally shy away from ordering the same thing as my breakfast partner, but I hadn’t had something sweet for breakfast in a while and I was intrigued by the combination.  Plus, as long as you both enjoy it what does it matter right? Just to cement it, we both ordered a cold drip coffee as well, because cold drip coffee is my latest obsession and I had been talking Sarah’s head off about it.

The menu

The menu

The cold drip choice paid off – this was the nicest one I have had so far.  Admittedly, I have only tried three but I still think this is worthy of mentioning.  I am terrible at trying to pick flavours in coffee, but if I had to I would say that it was a bit nutty and a bit chocolately.  Sarah commented that it had a slightly earthy smell, which I agreed with, but this didn’t come through in the taste. Plus, it came in the cutest bottle. I’m a sucker for a good bottle.


The cold drip contraption (I  must learn the name of this)

The cold drip contraption (I must learn the name of this)

The pancakes were good, but not outstanding.  Well, maybe they just weren’t quite what I had pictured in my head. I was thinking big fluffy pancakes, and these tended a bit too much towards crepes.  So really, they were good but I had set up an expectation in my mind and it didn’t quite hit the mark.  But the bacon was well coooked, and the maple syrup plentiful. The pumpkin taste came through without being overpowering  So all in all, a dish I would recommend to any sweet tooth, but probably not have again. In hindsight, I probably should have chosen something different and I might have enjoyed it more – this will teach me to stray away from eggs at breakfast! Damn pumpkin, sucking me in.


Not the most photogenic of dishes

Not the most photogenic of dishes

So to sum it up – Uncle Joe’s is a pretty cool place to grab a bite for breakfast or lunch. Very reasonably priced, and in interesting menu with lots of different options that should satisfy any tastebuds. Worth a visit just to check out the decor, and revel in how much more frequent places like this are becoming in Perth

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