Harvest Espresso

How I had been longing to visit Harvest Espresso for so so long!!! Those tantalising pictures on Instagram filling up my news feed, all manner of eggs, meatballs and winter vegetables and not to mention the plethora of delicious baked goods – most recently being some delicious jam doughnuts which broke my heart when i found out they were a one day wonder.  It still brings a tear to my eye thinking about it. But despite the known lack of doughnuts at my chosen destination, I was still willing to hop in my car this morning and venture south of the river to check out all that Harvest had to offer.

From what I can see, Vic Park is definitely an up and coming area.  If I was a responsible, adult type person who saved money to buy property, Vic Park is where I would be looking right now.  Unfortunately I’m not, I live in a sharehouse and a perpetual state of being broke, but I share this tip for your benefit, dear reader.

Anyway, I was meeting my sister at Harvest, who I hadn’t seen for a week or two.  We used to catch up for breakfast once a fortnight on a regular basis, but life got in the way as it is want to do.  The list of places I want to try for breakfast is getting longer though, and the opportunities to see my sister shorter as work and weekends get busier.  So hopefully we can re-instate the breakfast tradition and enjoy some more delicious times together.

Always good to see her smiling face

Always good to see her smiling face

We rocked up to Harvest about 10am, and I was surprised at how small the place was! There was space for about 15-20 people inside, and two tables outside which could seat about 4 people each.  Inside was very cute though, and the small space didn’t seem to fluster the smiling wait staff. We had to wait about 15 minutes for a table, which wasn’t too bad seeing as there was one couple waiting ahead of us

Basically the entire cafe

Basically the entire cafe

Some pretty touches on the table

Some pretty touches on the table

One of the (many, many) reasons I had wanted to visit Harvest espresso was to try a matcha latte, which is a latte made with Japanese green tea powder.  Jossie was also keen to try this so we ordered one to share, and I also ordered a flat white while Jossie ordered a dirty chai – a chai latte with a  shot of espresso.  Due to a lack of sleep and a few glasses of wine last night, I ordered my flat white large with the extra shot. On the food front, I ordered the Winter vegetables with pan roasted beetroot, squash, beans, fennel, radish, two slow poached eggs, walnut pesto, and sourdough toast ($19.50), and Jossie ordered the Salmon Gravlax with poached eggs, watercress, potato hash, and yuzu kosho hollandaise ($22.50) (the breadcrumbs were omitted to make it gluten free). I did forget to ask for it gluten free when I initially ordered and the staff were lovely about it when I rushed up 10 minutes later to tell them I had forgotten that!

One thing that I did find it a bit odd was that you had to order at the counter (which in itself is absolutely fine), but that you can also only place one order per table – I guess it helps with sorting out orders in the kitchen but I should think if your order is not being taken at the table they could allow people to pay separately and put through all the orders on one table number. It’s not a situation I have ever encountered before.

Drinks came out very quickly, and I LOVED the matcha latte – it was so much sweeter than I thought it would be, but in a pleasant way and not too sickly.



The dirty chai wasn’t my favourite beverage, personal taste, but Jossie really enjoyed it which is the main thing



I wasn’t so taken with my flat white – it wasn’t quite what it should have been.  The milk was a bit bubbly, and it tasted a little bit bitter.  Maybe I just got a bad one, because by all accounts those bandying about the pictures on social media (and the queue of people outside) seem to be fairly impressed by the coffee.


With our wide array of beverages, it became a challenge to fit all the food on the table.  For dishes like these though, you can make room!

Salmon Gravlax

Salmon Gravlax

The salmon gravlax was a really outstanding dish, well worth the $22.50 paid (or have I become too accustomed to Perth prices?).  The potato hash at the base of the dish was thin and crispy, a perfect crunchy replacement for bread.  I tried a piece of the salmon despite my negative disposition towards seafood, and it was actually quite mild and combined with the tangy hollandaise something I could imagine eating more of.  Combine with runny poached eggs and loads of greens and you’re in breakfast heaven.  Well, Jossie was anyway.

Winter vegetables

Winter vegetables

Winter vegetables were certainly no disappointment either.  Rich, earthy beetroot was a standout, and the fresh veggies combined so well with the beautiful walnut pesto at the base of the dish.  As with the salmon I loved all the fresh greens on top.  The eggs couldn’t have been cooked much better in my opinion, and the bread on the side was fresh and crusty.


So much yum

By the time we finished, there was about 10-15 people milling around outside – some waiting for coffee, but some waiting for a table.  So we got up and on our way, making way for someone else to have their food heaven experience for the day.

Harvest Espresso is well recommended for breakfast or lunch – just be prepared to wait for a table on the weekend any time after 10! The wait staff maintained their smiles despite having to rush about the tiny space, and the food that was coming out of the kitchen looked consistently good. If you only have time for a take away coffee, there is also a delicious display of baked goods that you can grab and be on your way with!

Did someone say croissants?

Did someone say croissants?

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