The Greenhouse

Since I changed jobs in January this year, I have really missed the girls that I used to work with.  And it’s normally the case that you move on from a workplace and you lose touch with the people you worked with, but these girls just seem to hang around in my life – something I feel very blessed by. One of them had been in Europe for about the past 8 weeks (very selfish of her) and I missed our pre work breakfast catch up’s immensely.  Luckily, she was back this week and tradition resumed, with a Thursday payday breakfast at the Greenhouse Cafe on St Georges Terrace.

I have been to the Greenhouse for breakfast numerous times before, and the food is always good, but the service seems to be a bit hit or miss.  The concept is pretty cool though, and the coffee keeps bringing me back – smooth and creamy and delicious!

Strawberry plants growing up the outside of the building

Environmentally friendly design

Back to their concept though – its designed to be environmentally friendly, they always have plants growing in pots up the side of the building, and they grow their own herbs on the roof.  Sometimes they have compost out the front that you can take home (not recommended if you take the bus in), they use ‘who gives a crap’ toilet paper and I think they source food as locally as possible.  The furniture is made out of recycled materials, and basically, you can feel good about eating there – low footprint, carbon neutral and all that jazz.

The inside is really pretty too – an open, airy and warm space.

DSC01741I love all the alcohol bottles hanging over the bar, and the funky lights.  The flowers on the table on this visit were really sweet as well.

DSC01740The outdoor area is nice in summer – a bit cold this week though!

I got some strange looks while I was taking this photo

I got some strange looks while I was hiding in a corner taking this photo

The service was good this time round, and as we sat down a waitress promptly poured us some water and gave us some menu’s.  I decided to have the poached eggs on toast ($8) with bacon and avocado on the side ($4 each), while the other girls got toasted fruit muesli with milk, honey and pear ($12), and fig, almond and orange with bourghal, mint, blossom yoghurt  ($15).  Cold drip coffee, green juice and a latte were ordered to accompany this.

DSC01744I would not be able to tell you what’s in this (sorry!) but it was reported to be ‘delicious and fresh’ – that sounds pretty ideal to me!

DSC01745The coffee at the Greenhouse is consistently good! I used to get a takeaway coffee there every morning when I worked on the Terrace, and it was a very rare occurrence to get one that didn’t taste fantastic.  I should say that I am fan of coffee served at room temperature, and I know a few people think Greenhouse coffee isn’t served hot enough.  But that is easily resolved with a simple request!


My cold drip coffee was super cool! It came with some sparkling water, which when mixed together made a really refreshing drink.  It would be lovely in summer.  The only thing was that in my excitement I immediately mixed it all together, and I didn’t find it quite strong enough – I think I could have done with a little more coffee/less water.  A lesson for next time though.

DSC01749The muesli was presented really well, and Jen said the honey was really nice but that the fig and pear were a bit lacklustre.

DSC01748The bourghal was really different to your typical muesli, and probably could have done with a bit more fruit, but tasty on the whole.

DSC01750My slow poached eggs were really well cooked, and the bacon was really crispy.  I just love avocado, and the generous serve was very much appreciated.  I wasn’t sure about the sourdough toast – it was hard to cut through and I thought it was quite small, but to be fair it was only designed to accompany two eggs, not bacon and avocado as well.

Coffee and eggs - bliss

Coffee and eggs – bliss

I remembered the Greenhouse being a bit pricey, but it seemed much more reasonable this time around.  Breakfast is always yummy, and I just can’t go past the coffee.  Also worth a mention is the rooftop bar – a lovely, green oasis and just beautiful on a summer afternoon. Go and check it out!
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