La Veen on King Street

So, apparently they have waffles at La Veen.  But not just any waffles.  Ice-cream waffles with chantilly cream, macerated berries, chocolate hazelnut sauce and POPPING CANDY!  To top it off, they serve it with flowers on top so that it looks completely gorgeous and then everyone smears pictures of the waffles all over every form of social media known to man until you just have to go to La Veen.


So as you can tell, I really really really wanted to try these waffles. La Veen at lunch hasn’t been an option this week though, as work has been horrendously busy. Although I have many virtues (I promise) patience is not one of them, and as such I made the trip out there for breakfast earlier this week. However, I have limited tolerance for sweet things in the morning so waffles weren’t to be, but I knew there was plenty of other great things to try!

I got there at about 7.20am, and the place was surprisingly full! It is fairly small, there is space for about 12 people sitting down at small tables for two, and one bigger high table that can seat about 6 people. I am used to having choice of seats when I arrive this early, but not to worry, I grabbed the only smaller table left and sat myself down with some menu’s.

This looks like an ideal morning

Cute cacti

As you might be able to tell from the photo above, the space is really pretty.  Exposed brick walls, a basic colour scheme with the beautiful (enormous!) coffee machine providing a simple, clean contrast to the brick and wood. The coffee machine is really the centrepiece, and helps to accentuate the clean lines that run through the cafe.  The windows spanning the length from floor to roof mean there is lots of natural light flowing in (and they are also perfect for people watching). There are a few splashes of colour from the flowers dotted around the place, but it feels very calm and uncluttered. A good place to zen out!

Coffee machine

Synesso Coffee machine


The more traditional part of the breakfast menu was fairly small, but I would challenge anyone to say there wasn’t at least one thing they would be happy to order.  Myself, I decided on the potato rosti with poached egg, avocado and serrano jerky ($17), and my breakfast companion ordered the shakshuka and baked eggs with olive ciabatta ($14).  It was an option to swap jerky on my eggs to smoked salmon, and also to add chorizo to the shakshuka for an extra $3.50.  Aren’t options great?  Other fun things on the menu included the waffles (of course), eggs florentine, eggs on toast with a myriad of exciting sides to choose from, and bagels. So many bagels.  Cajun grilled chicken bagels, pulled pork bagels, ALL the bagels. I need to drag someone back for lunch with me.

Cold drip coffee

Cold drip coffee

We also ordered the cold drip coffee ($5, I think).  It was good cold drip, I found it really refreshing and not too overpowering. No cute little bottle as I have become accustomed to lately, but I will forgive them for that minor oversight.

Cold drip for everybody!

Cold drip for everybody!

Food came out remarkably quickly! A+ for service.

eggs with avocado, jerky

This dish was fantastic.  The potato rosti was crispy on the outside, and soft and moist on the inside.  The avocado was generous, the eggs gooey, and the jerky crunchy with a really unique, meaty taste that I couldn’t quite place – but it definitely left you wanting more. Having said that though, I thought the serving size was really reasonable – there was an option to get another rosti for $3 with that dish that I had  been tempted by, but I am glad I had it as is.


The shakshuka was also very tasty.  If it was me ordering it I definitely would have opted for the Chorizo, but Sarah enjoyed the rich capsicum sauce, the eggs didn’t disappoint and the whole dish was described as ‘melt in your mouth’.  Also, the olive ciabatta was dense, soaked in butter and complemented the sauce really well. Clearly, we were both overjoyed with our choices.

Coffee options

Coffee options

They use 5 senses coffee at La Veen, but they also have some Proud Mary floating around, and some Code Black Coffee too, according to their facebook page.  From previous experience the take away coffee is definitely worth trying, and comes in a really cool cup with a fluro lid. You gotta love it!

Some more cute decor

Some more cute decor

La Veen is yet another establishment on the ever improving King Street precinct that is wowing customers with quality food and drink.  Service was friendly and efficient, prices are very reasonable, and for purely aesthetic reasons its impossible to walk past without dropping in.  Do yourself a favour and try it out!

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5 thoughts on “La Veen on King Street

    • It certainly was Kristy 🙂 definitely worth a try in place of the usual smoked salmon. I have read another review (on that described the taste as umami, so maybe that is what I couldn’t quite put my finger on?

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