Little Willys

Little Willys…’s just such an awkward name isn’t it?  When I wanted to look up the menu at work the other day, I went to google it and decided that actually, maybe it was better that I look it up on my phone, in case I got a call from the IT department querying my internet history.  But despite its questionable name, Little Willys is a cafe that you can’t go past for a tasty, and incredibly affordable, breakfast or lunch in Northbridge.

entrance little willys

With tables inside and out, whether its sunny or raining you’re sure to find a spot that suits you at Little Willy’s. Unfortunately, when I went earlier this week for breakfast the place had been taken over this huge group of people who seemed to know each other (they seemed like cyclists?) and there was only one table to choose from inside.  But hey, one table is all you need right?!

The menu is written up on the wall, and has lots of fun things to choose from like choc chip bagels…..for breakfast! If that isn’t exciting I am not sure what is. Maybe breakfast burrito’s with the lot? That is what I ordered anyway, sounded pretty exciting to me.  The two muesli nerds I was with kept life predictable and both ordered the bircher muesli with apple, yoghurt and rhubarb.



The interior is a bit grungy with vintage blue wood tables, lots of art, and a big moose head made out of paper mounted on the wall.  I didn’t get many photos as the cafe was packed and sometimes (ok, all the time) I get awkward about taking photos with lots of people in them. BUT, this just means you will have to go have a look for yourself.  If you have been and haven’t been back recently, they have replaced the big red booths with more low key tables and benches, which I like a lot better.

I did get a picture of this jam

I did get a picture of this jam, because it looked pretty tasty. Jam! Yay!


Very refreshing

We ordered up at the counter (cash only) and coffee didn’t take too long.


Glorious coffee

The coffee at Little Willy’s is amazing – I have had a few there in the last couple of months and it has consistently impressed. I forgot to look at what kind of beans they used, but super creamy and tasty from start to finish.  Nice latte art as well!

The girls ordered iced latte’s, and they seemed to enjoy them.


Time for food! The breakfast burrito was great.  Crispy, crunchy bacon, corn, mushroom, eggs and spinach all wrapped up with some tasty tomato chutney – my oh my! This is a winner. I am not such a fan of corn, but in this it was really fresh and added a nice sweetness and a bit of a pop. Everything was well proportioned, and toasted to perfection.

Breakfast buritto

Breakfast burrito

The muesli that you spy was declared to be both ‘the best muesli in all of Perth’ and ‘the best start to the day’ by my breakfast buddies – pretty big shoes for a bowl of muesli to fill!


I have to admit, it looked pretty good.  The grated apple was a nice touch, and the dish looked like it had a lot of crunch with the slivered almonds on top. All in all, a satisfying breakfast!

Sitting fairly inconspicuously on William Street between Francis and Aberdeen Street, Little Willys is a pint size cafe that is pumping out some delicious food. An excellent choice for a fun, fast and affordable meal if you’re around the city or Northbridge!

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