Northbridge Brewing Company

So my Sunday went a little bit like this – out of bed at 6.30am to down some tiger toast and a coffee.  On the train at 8.15am all geared up in my exercise clothes.  Run 12km from Perth City to Floreat Beach…ok, so maybe there was a little bit of walking involved.  Quick shower at work, and lunch and a couple of pints at the relatively new Northbridge Brewing Company. Bed.  

So clearly a day of mixed emotions.  For anyone who is thinking about doing a fun run and wondering what to eat beforehand to get you through, tiger toast is not it. That cheese will make itself known after a few km’s, and you will regret it.  Plain toast next time, or a couple of bliss balls. I was in a lot of pain between 8 and 10 km’s, but I knew there would be a pint at the end of it and pushed through.

After all the pain was over, and the sweat washed off, Ollie and I wandered over to the Northbridge Brewing Company, excited by the fact that our morning efforts meant we could order all the deep fried food we wanted and feel pretty guilt free about it.  We arrived there just before midday, and the place was pretty packed already.  We managed to grab a table outside, in the only corner that the rays of sunshine were reaching, and we settled in to look at the menu.

The outdoor dining area

The outdoor dining area

The menu is pretty small, and consists of some starters including pork crackling, mussels, calamari and the obligatory chips. There is a couple of pizza’s to choose from, some interesting burgers and sandwiches (cheese jaffle with truffle oil anyone?) and some larger plates including an asian prawn noodle salad – quite the variety! We decided to order the onion rings with house curried ketchup ($8) and ‘hush puppies’ – bite sized fried polenta with corn, cheddar and green onion, accompanied by ranch sauce ($9). From the larger plates menu we ordered the caveman pizza – pepperoni, chicken, steak, pulled pig, mushrooms, olives and bbq sauce ($24) and the beerland bird which was chicken with honey lime sauce, feta and cashews ($26). I quenched my thirst with a Hop Hog (Feral Brewery), which is one of my favourite beers, while Ollie’s choice was the house lager.

Something to remember if you go – you place your order at the bar, and you need to have your table number (printed on each table) before they will take your order.  I feel things would be a lot more efficient if they put a note on the menu reminding you of this, as I lost count of how many people I saw that had to walk back to the table to get the number after going up to the bar.

Despite being told there was a 20 minute wait when I ordered, the onion rings arrived almost as soon as I sat down.  These were some serious onion rings – large rings with crispy generous batter and the oil practically dripping off them.  In no way healthy, but in every way delicious.  The curried house ketchup went really well with them, it was spicy without being over the top.


Next out was the caveman pizza.  Despite the myriad of toppings on it, it didn’t feel too overloaded or heavy – I thought everything was well proportioned.  The base was crispy and the BBQ sauce was smokey and delicious.


The polenta bites came out next, and they were even better than I had imagined them to be (or maybe I just really, really love polenta).  Large bite sized pieces, that had been roughly shaped and fried (deep fried?) so that they were crispy around the edges, but still soft and fluffy in the middle. My only problem with this was that it came with the same sauce as the onion rings, not the advertised ranch sauce.  I did ask the waiter if any ranch sauce was available, and if so could I have some, and he said he would check but never came back. I actually preferred them on their own as compared to with the curried ketchup.

polenta bites

Last but not least was the beerland bird.  This was about half a chicken, basted in the honey lime sauce, with a massive plate of chips.  The chicken was perfectly moist, and the marinade was fresh and tangy – exactly what you are looking for when you are having a beer in the sun! The feta worked well with this flavour, and the almonds were a nice crunch. The chips were the most decadent of pub chips – really crispy and almost dripping oil. Again, not healthy, but delicious.  We also had the leftover ketchup to dip them in, thanks to my reluctance to eat it with the polenta.


So after all of that, we thought we might check out the upstairs area, and watch some of the West Coast game that was on up there.  It is a pity you can’t eat upstairs, because there is a lot of space up there, but maybe once they are a bit more established they will open that up for food. The bar up there was shut as well, so it was fairly quiet compared to downstairs.


Nice spot to sit and watch the footy though, as well as the comings and goings below



Northbridge Brewing Company is a welcome addition to the Northbridge precinct, bringing with it a a chilled out pub vibe that has been somewhat lacking in recent years, but is becoming all the more popular.  Already filling up early for lunch, I can imagine absolute mayhem trying to get a table come summer – particularly once the rooftop level opens up! Get down there now before it gets too crazy.

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2 thoughts on “Northbridge Brewing Company

  1. The food looks great! I am taking my Dad their for his birthday at the end of this month. The menu looks fantastic and reasonably priced.

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