Typika Artisan Roasters

Last Saturday, my housemates and I decided to have a brunch date in Claremont to while away the time while Sam’s car was booked in for a wheel alignment. And of course, if you are in Claremont, what better place than Typika? Not to say that Claremont is lacking in places where you can delight your tastebuds, but I have been to Typika a few times now, and it is one of those places that seems to plate up consistently good food, and always has a steady stream of people in and out the door.

We arrived there at about 10 on Saturday, running inside for cover in the midst of the wettest and wildest part of the morning, and sure enough there was a queue.  We popped our name down at the counter, and settled on a table outside – the benches inside were packed – for what was promised to be a 15 minute wait. After reading the important sections of the paper (the social pages), and covering off on our star signs (apparently I needed to pay attention to financial matters – whats new?), we got called to our table.DSC02043-2

Typika is a pretty cool space, the feature being a huge coffee roaster tucked away behind glass walls towards the back of the cafe. Smaller tables made for 2 – 4 people at the front of the cafe give way to high tables at the back, which can seat up to 8 or 9.  The space doesn’t feel too crowded, with the exception of when you are waiting for a table and there is a cast of thousands crammed on the benches at the front.

Our waitress that morning wasn’t too enthusiastic, I had the feeling she had had quite the night on Friday, or something else  was up – either way she gave us a rather uninspired run down of the juices, and left us to our own devices to source some cups for our water.  She did come back and take our order fairly promptly though, which was good as we were starving.

Coffee came out pretty quickly – I think they run two coffee machines to allow them to pump it out really quickly. The barista who bought it out was super friendly, which was a nice change from the service earlier. The coffee at Typika is always amazing, creamy and delicious down to the last drop, and Saturday was no exception. The juice was also really tasty – my strawberry fields was sweet without being sickly, and Sam commented that the jungle juice was a little heavy on the mint but she still enjoyed it . Coming in at $6, they are a bit expensive for their size, but they do pack a punch.



Food was also super speedy – I don’t know what happens in the kitchen there but I feel like it must be something magical for them to be that efficient. I had ordered the spiced beef benedict – two poached eggs with spiced and slow cooked beef on toast, served with harissa hollandaise ($20). I have actually had this on a previous visit to Typika, and it a dish I can’t go past, especially the intriguing spicy harissa hollandaise. The beef was a little bit dry, but there was plenty of hollandaise to compensate for that, along with perfect oozy yolks.  The bread was soft and springy, and there was an ample amount of it – this was a filling dish!


Sam ordered the chicken BLTA sarnie, which was spiced and grilled chicken with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado sandwich (in this case gluten free) with aioli and basil pesto, and also came with chips and aioli ($23.50).  The bread looked so good, we double checked with the waitress that it was actually gluten free!  She mentioned that the aoili was particularly delicious, but that everything was well cooked and there was the perfect amount of salad in the sandwich. The addition of some sweet potato chips was a nice touch, although they were fairly few and far between and made you wish there was more. Overall a very carb heavy dish though, you have been warned!


Suzie had decided on the zucchini and haloumi fritters which came with rocket, roasted red capsicum, romesco sauce and minted yogurt ($16) with a side of onion rings and aioli ($6), and a banoffee smoothie. The fritters were reported to be a delightful combination, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  There was an ENORMOUS pile of rocket, and although the sauces complemented the peppery greens well, the ratios weren’t quite right and there was quite a lot of rocket left on the plate at the end.


The onion rings were delicious, a crispy batter with soft caramelised onion and the same tasty aioli.


How cute are these chairs? I really loved them


Overall, another great breakfast at Typika.  Tasty coffee, quality food and speedy service in this bustling cafe always make it a winner for me – just be ready to wait a while on the weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Typika Artisan Roasters

  1. Every time I’ve been to this place either myself or my dining companion has a fantastic dish and the other pretty average. Hopefully next time they’ll both be amazing because there’s so much potential in this place! (I also love that hollandaise sauce!)

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