Sayers Sister

I have a confession to make.  I have lived in Perth (almost) my entire life, and I have never once stepped foot inside either of the cafe legends that are Sayers Food and Sayers Sisters.  I have heard the stories, seen the pictures, but never visited. I am not sure why, but on Wednesday morning I woke up particularly early to rectify this situation with a hump day breakfast at Sayers Sister, the little sister of this delicious duo.


Getting there at about 7.15, there was a surprising number of people around, but still plenty of tables to choose from.  Still a bit chilly outside at that early hour, I skipped the outdoor tables for one inside with a regal looking, and very comfortable, chair.


This was a chair I could settle in to! High backs and sides, perfect for resting your head against early in the morning before that first caffeine hit.  I ordered a flat white to keep me awake while I waited for my breakfast companions.


My first thought when I had a sip of the coffee was that the blend was quite fruity. As I got further into the cup, the fruity taste mellowed out and it became a really nice, light coffee.

Whiling away my time waiting, I couldn’t help but notice the lollies and other assorted sugary goods scattered around on the long, communal table that ran down the middle of the cafe.  I think that if I was to sit up there and eat breakfast, the temptation may become too much and I might slip open a jar and grab one of the treats.  So probably a good thing that I was a safe distance away.


I spent a while staring at the menu, as it was one of those occasions where I wanted about 3 different things, and knew I wouldn’t be able to make my mind up until the very last moment.  Out of all the strong contenders though, the parmesan croquettes with cheesy fondue, rocket and crispy shiitakes won out, and fixating on all that sugar must have had an effect on me because I ordered a honeycomb affogato. Sarah ordered the breakfast bruschetta, which came with tomato, feta, bacon and a poached egg, along with a cappucino.  The exact prices escape me, but I know I paid about $30 for my meal and two coffee’s.


The affogato was something else – loaded up with icecream and violet crumble, it was certainly going to be a serious energy hit. I enjoyed it as I had already woken up a bit after leisurely enjoying my last coffee, but it’s not the kind of drink you could have as soon as you wake up in the morning.  Or maybe you can? Be ready for the sugar rush though.


The croquettes were out of this world!! I loved the crispy coating with the warm, cheesy insides, and do not even get me started on that fondue sauce. A generous serve of rich, cheesy goodness made it a breakfast that was not going to be doing your hips any favours, but damn it was good.  The rocket had a nice bite to it which cut through the cheese well, the crispy shiitakes had a nice crunch to give the dish some texture, and it was all rounded off by two perfectly poached eggs.  The only downside was that it made me sad that I couldn’t eat this for breakfast every morning!


The bruschetta was up next, which looked enjoyable. The bread was difficult to cut through, a situation which was exacerbated  by the fact that everything only just fit on the plate as it was, so there wasn’t much room for things to be flying around when you are trying to cut the bread.  However, besides that small glitch it was a decent breakfast, with well cooked crispy bacon and a semi sweet balsamic glaze that made the tomato and feta shine.


With breakfast, we also had some chai tea. Just as I had been about to take a sip, I had commented that I missed the chai in India, and that I hadn’t had any back here in Perth that compared very well.  However I had spoken to soon, and as I took a sip I realised that this one came pretty close! Strong herbs with a sweet taste that wasn’t too overbearing, this was really delicious.  It also came in massive tea pot that yielded about 3 cups per person (between two).


As we went up to pay at the counter, I ogled all the delicious looking baked goods that were on display.  Seeing as I had already had a coffee, a ridiculous amount of honeycomb and three cups of chai though, it was probably best to leave that for another day.

Sayers was a really enjoyable breakfast, and it was nice being there on a Wednesday morning as I have read stories about the queue’s and turnover on the weekend.  We had really lovely service, and two quality meals.  I would definitely recommend a visit, particularly if you can make it there during the week!

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