Ootong and Lincoln

Last weekend was Rottofest, a 3 day comedy and music festival on Rottnest Island.  My friends and I went last year, and it was a pretty hectic weekend filled with many many beers and bakery pies, leaving us thoroughly exhausted and delighted at the end of the weekend.  This weekend was promised to be even better, with a ‘crap music disco’ on the Saturday night and enough beers in our bags to last us through till Sunday.  With this in mind, a solid breakfast was required on Friday morning to fuel us up for the weekend ahead.  Heading down to Fremantle for the ferry, we decided to stop for some tasty fare at Ootong and Lincoln.

Walking down from side street where we had finally found some parking, we wandered past the colourful zebra’s painted on the wall outside, and stopped to give them a quick kiss. They were so cute, how could you resist?


Located on South Terrace down in South Fremantle,  Ootong and Lincoln is a little bit more chilled out than your average breakfast joint – typical of the Freo vibe we all know and love. Being a leisurely Friday morning, there was loads of tables available inside and we picked a cute red one at the back of the cafe, with some kitsch little accessories on it.


The decor inside is the pinnacle of shabby chic, my favourite part being the tricycles lined up above the entrance and the old school rotary dial phones hung on the wall. And of course, the intricate web of lights and cords that criss-cross the entire cafe.  It is a warm, comforting space that feels uncrowded and homely.



There is a little counter at the front that looked like it would be open for take away coffee’s when the cafe is busy, which is a nifty little idea to stop the queue for food getting too clogged up.


The menu was troubling, in that there were too many choices and not enough tummy space.  But we umm’ed and ahh’ed, and eventually settled on the most tempting of the dishes on the menu. We ordered at the counter, and were directed to grab our own cutlery and napkins while we waited.

I had the middle eastern eggs with turkish bread, onion jam and tatziki, along with a flat white.  I am normally a fan of poached over fried when it comes to my eggs, however these fried eggs were spot on with a runny runny yolk and a nice sold white.  The dukkah was sprinkled over the eggs majestically, and the turkish bread was warm and fluffy.  The tatziki that was nestled between the bread was my favourite part – really zingy and creamy, and was offset nicely by the onion jam.


The coffee was creamy and a generous size, and smooth right down to the last drop.


Suzie had the potato cake with a mushroom medley, poached egg and hollandaise.  The potato cake had a nice tang to it which we thought might have been mustard seeds, which made it a flavoursome and punchy base to the dish.  The mushrooms were meaty and juicy, and the egg was perfectly poached – no lack of yolk porn here! The hollandaise was light and tangy and everything a hollandaise should be. Not a huge dish, but enough to fill you up if you’re not overly hungry.


Ollie had the Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) with smoked salmon, a poached egg, house made hollandaise, tatsoi and tonkatsu sauce. What is tonkatsu sauce you ask? That is a good question.  Turns out it is an asian barbecue sauce, and it complemented the salty, dense pancake with its savoury flavours really well.  The salmon was silky, and the egg and hollandaise spot on, as in the last dish. The dish evoked waves of envy across the table, especially as it was complemented by a delicious, chocolately, creamy milkshake.



Ootong and Lincoln was well worth the drive down to South Freo, and set us up well for our weekend of comedy and debauchery on Rottnest Island. A funky interior, some delicious coffee and food that is produced with a healthy dose of TLC makes this cafe a suburban gem that I would be happy to re-visit.

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