City Farm Cafe

On Thursday morning last week I made it out to City Farm Cafe, located in the lesser trodden paths of East Perth right next to Claisebrook station.  If you haven’t heard of Perth City Farm, it is a pretty cool concept. Their motto is ‘working together to create greener cities and sustainable landscapes for the future’, and it comprises of an inner city farm and cafe that delights with its simple, fresh produce.  With ample space to wander around and look at the fresh herbs and vegetables it is a calming place to stop and while and enjoy a mid week breakfast.


Coming off the train, my first thought was that the building looked a little derelict, but there is definitely more than there seems under those shade-cloths. They also have farmers markets on Saturdays, which I have heard good things about and would be pretty keen to get down to.


Rocking up fairly early on Thursday morning, I grabbed a table near the entrance to wait for some friends to show up. A spacious, roomy dining area, there are plenty of tables undercover and out in the open if you feel like sitting closer to the garden.



The menu is small and simple, with all the usuals like muesli and eggs on toast, and a few more interesting options like soft boiled eggs with dukkah and pain perdu – french toast with caramelised banana, cinnamon sugar and creme fraiche. Sometimes I rue the fact that my tummy can’t handle sweet things before 10am, and today was one of those days because that sounded soooo yummy!

In the end, I decided on the crushed avocado and lemon on organic toast ($10.50) and a poached egg ($4).  One of my companions ordered the same, and the other one went with aged cheddar and chives – free range scrambled eggs with mersey valley aged cheddar and chives, and organic toast ($ 15).  I found it a little bit pricey, particularly the single egg coming in at $4- it seems a little bit unjustifiable.  I shouldn’t complain too much though, seeing as they are a community based organisation.

Ordering up at the counter, I couldn’t help ogle at the muffins and assorted cakes that were on display.  If I didn’t know there was a morning tea on at work that day, I would have been seriously tempted to grab something.  So yummy looking!


I had ordered a flat white, and that come out pretty quickly, along with a smoothie.  The coffee was very small, but creamy and satisfying. The berry smoothie burst with flavour, and I particularly enjoyed the yoghurt flavour through it.


Food service was very speedy, and before long we had our breakfast in front of us.  Simple yet satisfying is how I would describe my dish – with fresh, crusty bread, the avocado was plentiful and tasty and complemented really well by a squeeze of lemon juice and fresh sprig of parsley that exploded with flavour.  They are definitely doing something right in that herb garden! The poached egg was perfectly cooked, and yolk oozed out everywhere when I cut it open.


The poached were also really nice, though a little on the small side for the price. But they looked silky and creamy without being soggy, and when I had a small taste the fresh chives really stood out and added a little extra pop to the dish.  Unfortunately the butter was really hard and the bread not toasted, so the butter ripped up the bread a bit, but a minute sitting under the eggs fixed that problem.


Overall, an uncomplicated breakfast in a relaxing space, with friendly service and a real family vibe.


We went for a short wander after breakfast to check out the garden, and there was lots of cute hidden nooks and crannies, including this cute bench. I can imagine all this space being so well utilised at a Saturday market.


We found the herb garden where the magical parsley came from, and there was a sign saying not to go in, and being the rule abiding citizen I am I obeyed – although I did stick my camera lens up to the netting and snapped a quick picture (it was too pretty not too!)


Overall a lovely visit, and I think one day I will be back on the weekend to check out some fresh produce.


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