Meat Me in the City

One of the most exciting things to come to the city in a long while hit the ground running on the October 1. Meat Me in the City, where not only can you enjoy an american style BBQ sandwich for under $10, but also pick up a quality piece of meat to cook yourself at home, is a pretty fantastic concept, and a lunch spot that is proving to be pretty popular with the masses. 

I am not ashamed to admit that I had lunch here twice last week – after dropping by on my own on Tuesday I just knew Ollie would love it and convinced him to catch the bus up the terrace on Wednesday to experience it himself.

It’s located just beyond the reaches of Carillion underground foodcourt, and when we turned up there a couple of minutes before midday the line had already formed with people keen for their lunchtime BBQ fix.


While Ollie was waiting in line, I wandered over to have a look at the fresh produce, and I have to say it looked pretty damn good! Next time I need some meat I will definitely be calling on this.  They have a great system where you can order online from the comfort of your desk before 1pm, and swing by and pick your order up after work in an insulated bag that will keep it cold until you get home and chuck it on the grill. Problems? I can’t see any.


The line moved pretty quickly – even though they are fairly new, they have a pretty slick operation going on.  Before long we had ordered the mothership – pulled pork on a pretzel bun with BBQ mayo and slaw, and the trailer park – ham hock and mac and cheese between two slices of bread, both coming in at $9.  They also have a small selection of san pellegrino drinks at $2.50 a pop, and we ordered an orange one and lemon one.


There is a fairly extensive seating area set aside for Meat Me in the City, and we took a seat at one of the communal high tables near the fresh green wall


It didn’t take long for our names to be called and the sandwiches to come out. My favourite was the pulled pork, which was tender and flavoursome, and I particularly enjoyed the pretzel bun that it came in.


The Trailer Park was pretty damn good as well, with smoky chunks ham hock intermingled with the soft mac and cheese. The only improvement I would have made would have been to serve it on white bread – the brown bread didn’t quite hit the spot for me!


I should mention the Ol’ Smokey that I had the first time I was there – beef brisket between bread with coleslaw and picked mushroom. The brisket was tender and fell apart in your mouth, just the way all brisket should be.  The white bread was impossibly fluffy and soaked up all the sauce in the best way possible – yum!


For a cheap lunch in the CBD, Meat Me in the City ticks all the boxes – cheap, tasty and fresh.  Do yourself a favour and get down there early before it gets too busy, and stop by again after lunch for a piece of quality steak or your meat of choice!

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2 thoughts on “Meat Me in the City

    • So spoilt for choice at the moment in the city and northbridge! It’s incredibly satisfying, unfortunately I dont think my bank account agrees with me though haha. Lucky this one is pretty cheap 🙂

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