Little Guildford

When I think of Guildford, a bunch of memories come up. I think of Guildford Grammar, and long afternoons spent in year 10 being forced to endure an alternative form of torture called dance sport with the year 10 boys from Guildford Grammar.  Attending the sister school to Guildford Grammar meant we were stuck with them for a variety of social situations that called for the opposite sex to be involved, and naturally the Guildford boys were the last boys we wanted to be stuck with at the tender age of 16.  But I also have fonder memories of Guildford, in the post school years where Guildford on the weekend meant quaint coffee houses, zany antique shops, and long bushwalks if the weather permitted.  Last weekend I got to visit Guildford for these latter reasons, meeting an old school friend at the relatively new cafe Little Guildford.

Located just across from the Rose and Crown amongst the lush greenery, Little Guildford oozes the charm that is typical of this area.  Long wooden tables, exposed brick walls and oodles of pot plants give you a farmhouse sort of feel, while fresh bursts of colour in the flowers that adorn the cafe and the bright crockery make the space very pleasant on the eye.


I had arrived 10 minutes early and was prepared to wait for a table, but Jade had arrived even earlier than I had due being up at a ridiculous hour for an emergency work situation, and she had already nabbed us a spacious table outside – yay!


As we chatted away, I had a look at the menu and there were so many good options! Buttermilk pancakes, breakfast burrito, and a particularly attractive looking chorizo and veg cassoulet all caught my eye, but I settled on the eggs on fire ($18) which came with corn and chilli potato cakes, poached eggs, spinach, spicy sauce, jalapeños and greek yoghurt – sounded too tasty to pass up! Jade decided to get the eggs benedict with smoked salmon ($18).

I also ordered a flat white, which took quite a while to come out, and I was little disappointed when it did, as about a third of the cup was filled with milk froth. It was like an excessively foamy cappuccino but without the benefit of chocolate sprinkled on top. I should have asked for another one as the wait staff were super friendly, but they seemed pretty run off their feet so I decided I would just deal with it (the phrase first world problems may have crossed my mind!).

The food didn’t take too long to come out given how hectic things were, which was a relief as my tummy was pretty grumbly!  Jade’s eggs benedict had plentiful salmon, and the hollandaise looked thick and glossy. I think if it was my dish I would have wanted a little more hollandaise, but I am an absolute hollandaise fiend! Jade said that she enjoyed it, and really appreciated how plentiful the salmon was.


I couldn’t help but let out a gasp of pleasant surprise when my meal came out – it was so beautifully presented! The ring of sauce around the edge wasn’t too spicy, but the jalapenos scattered throughout the dish most certainly made up for that. I am a big fan of chilli, so each time I got a hit in my mouth it was a pleasant suprise, but that may be a different experience for others! I would have even liked to have the sauce a lot spicier, but I guess in order to cater for the masses it needs to be toned down.  The corn and chilli potato cakes were light and fluffy, with not too much corn (which I prefer, not being the biggest fan of the yellow stuff).  The corn that was there though was sweet and crunchy and make the potato cake pop.  Although I didn’t find the dish spicy enough to make it a necessity, greek yoghurt is always a good thing and this was was excellent. My only complaint might be that the eggs were slightly overcooked, but there was still enough runny yolk to leave me smiling at the end of it all.


I ordered a second coffee as our food came out, and this time our waitress let us know there was a 15 minute wait on coffee, and I really appreciated the heads up. I didn’t mind waiting though, and this time was rewarded with a less frothy coffee – excellent!


Jade and I had a great time at Little Guildford – despite it being really busy, the staff were always smiling, the food was beautifully presented and the taste was spot on.  Wandering up James Street was an added bonus after brunch, and one I would thoroughly recommend if you make your way out to Little Guildford.

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