Toast, located in Claisebrook Cove, goes to the top of the class for breakfast location. Situated right on the water in East Perth, it is surrounded by luxurious houses and apartments and while you are there you might just see groups motor up on their boats, moor at the jetty and jump out for breakfast or a beer at The Royal (if you eat breakfast as late as I do that is!).

With an eclectic mix of tables and bright chairs strewn around outside, this cafe is suited to warm weather. They even have water bowls for dogs, so you can bring your beloved pet down with you on the weekend if you are that way inclined.  When I arrived there early on Friday morning this week, the sun was shining intermittently as the clouds floated lazily across the sky, so we settled down outside to mull over our breakfast choices.


The menu is bright, colourful and very extensive, and has a good range traditional and not so traditional breakfast options.  Unsurprisingly, there is a number of options for things that you can put on toast, or if you not a fan of the wheaty breakfast standard you can opt for muesli, pancakes, croissants or fritters.

We ordered at the counter inside, and delighted over the cute furnishings. At the entrance there was a wide variety of spreads and condiments to go with your breakfast, and on the counter there was some take away biscuits and other goodies.


Although the biscuits looked really tasty, I couldn’t let this spelling mistake go unpassed – using the wrong macaron/macaroon is one thing, but to massacre the name of this tasty treat like this? No longer worthy of selling macaroons in my opinion! Anyway, the line kept moving and we got past past the maccron disaster, ordered and sat ourselves back down.


Our drinks did take a while to come out, as did the hot food food. They were very busy though, and the wait wasn’t onerously long. A cowboy juice came out first – watermelon, orange and apple, it was reportedly fresh and summery, and a very decent size for $7.


The coffee came out littler hotter than I like it, but the taste was creamy and full bodied so once it cooled down it was enjoyable.


The muesli arrived at the table long before any of the other food, which wasn’t a problem as my friends and I are not the polite, wait until everyone at the table has their food before you pick up your fork kind of people, but I did think it would have been fairly easy for them to hold on to the muesli and bring it out with the hot food.  Nonetheless, it was great muesli with a rhubarb and raspberry compote and slivered toasted almonds.  Rhubarb is always a winner in my books – the rich, tart flavour makes it the perfect accompaniment for breakfast.


Em had ordered the egg white omelette with roasted capsicum, cherry tomatoes, spinach,  ricotta and pecorino cheese ($19).  This came with a side of gentle teasing, as I have been to breakfast with Em countless times and never seen her order anything but muesli or granola.  Must have been the sunshine or something influencing her menu choice, but she enjoyed the omelette. It was perfectly cooked – not too dry, with just the right amount of fillings and it came with soft, dense toast.


I had ordered the mondo’s chorizo breakfast ($23.50), swapping the tomato for avocado, and it was definitely something else! 2 generous splices of crispy chorizo, one huge field mushroom, half an avocado and 2 poached eggs were perched on 2 slices on soft, fluffy toast.  I love it when you don’t have to saw through the bread with your knife to tear a piece off, and this struck the perfect balance between being crusty and not being impossible to tear into.  The mushroom just burst out with juice when I cut into it, and the chorizo had just the right amount of fat without being gristly.  The lemon juice squeezed over the top of it finished the dish off  with some zing, and gave it a delicious freshness.


The sun came out as I cut my egg open, bright yellow yolk oozed everywhere, and it was a beautiful moment all round.


We really enjoyed our sunny breakfast at Toast – with a wide range of options there is something there that is sure to suit everyone, and you simply can’t go past it for ambience and cute furnishings.  The prices are fairly reasonable, and the food is simple but of great quality.

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