The George

Breakfast in the city before going to work is one of my absolute favourite things to do, and ever on the hunt for new breakfast places, a few workmates and I wandered down the Terrace to The George last Thursday morning. We were tempted by items on the breakfast menu like brioche french toast with caramelised pears and mascarpone; and asparagus with organic fetta, semi dried tomatoes, hollandaise and toasted ciabatta. I had been to the George a couple of times for after work drinks and dinner, and was interested to see how this popular night spot’s breakfast menu compared to their lunch and dinner options.

Stepping inside The George at this early hour, I felt like I had gone through a portal from the busy, bustling terrace into this quiet, luxurious restaurant dedicated entirely to me and my friends  – there was not another soul in there! I am not sure how long they have been open for breakfast for, so maybe they will build up more of crowd over time – but it was certainly a very different atmosphere to a Friday night when the bar is pumping.



Despite having the run of the restaurant, it was a nice warm morning, and we opted to sit outside and get some fresh air – after all, if you’re going to sit inside at work all day you might as well just as much outdoors time as possible! Besides, the outdoors still feels fairly secluded thanks to the high frosted glass panels around courtyard.

After I was finished wandering around, enjoying the freedom to take pictures without being conscious of catching people unawares, we settled down and ordered coffees.  They came out within a reasonable time, along with a little confusion about which ones were meant to be skim milk.  All’s well that ends well though, and they were reasonable coffee’s – nothing to offensive but nothing to exciting either. Anna did note that her cappuccino passed with flying colours on the wobble test, and that the dusting on top was deliciously chocolatey – can’t complain about that!



After perusing the offerings on the menu, I decided that I wanted to try the herb and potato cakes, with poached eggs, bacon and hollandaise ($20) – it sounded like a bit of fun twist on the classic eggs benedict and a good way to start the morning. On the whole I enjoyed it – the bacon was salty and superbly cooked, and the hollandaise was thick, tangy and plentiful.  Unfortunately the potato cake was a bit lacking – it could have done with a few more herbs and a bit more salt. A bit of a disappointment, but easily made up for by smothering it with the yummy hollandaise!


A big tick for the eggs, which were perfectly poached, with bright yellow-orange yolk oozing invitingly onto the plate making me super happy.


Anika had taken the plunge and ordered the brioche french toast, caramelised pears, maple syrup and mascarpone ($12) with a side of bacon ($4). Initially swayed towards a side of hazelnut and chocolate spread, I imposed my views on her and convinced her that a side of bacon would be much more satisfying, and probably leave her feeling less like she had eaten a cup of sugar for breakfast.  I think she appreciated it in the end, and really enjoyed salty bacon combined with the thick, fluffy toast, soft pears and creamy mascarpone.  This was probably the stand out dish of the morning, and left me with a little bit of food envy!



Jen had chosen the tomato bruschetta with basil oil, ricotta, avocado and a poached egg ($19), a fun and zesty looking dish.  While I didn’t get a chance to ask her how she found it, all the ingredients looked fresh and colourful, and the egg was poached perfectly. She has asked to swap the avocado for asparagus, which out waitress initially said yes to, but then came back saying that asparagus was really expensive at the moment and if Jen wanted to swap it that would make the dish more expensive.  I found that a bit odd, seeing as the avocado and asparagus were the same price on the extra’s part of the menu, and I have been bunches of asparagus in the shops recently for $1.50 which is crazy cheap, but there you have it.


Breakfast at the George was a pleasant affair, with friendly staff, decent coffee and some well executed dishes. There was some room for improvement in some areas, but overall not a bad spot for a city breakfast down that end of the Terrace, especially if you are after a bit of space!

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