Bunkers Beach Cafe

On the way home from Gourmet Escape last week, Ollie and I cruised down to the end of Cape Naturaliste Road to Bunkers Beach Cafe, a small cafe ideally placed on the picturesque type of beachfront that is ubiquitous in this part of the world – sparkling blue water giving way to white sand which leads up to rich green bushland. In the infamous words of Lara Bingle and Tourism Australia, if you aren’t here, where the bloody hell are you? I hadn’t eaten a Bunkers Beach Cafe before, always bypassing the indoor cafe for the calm waters of this secluded bay, but Ollie had been wanting to take me here for a while now, and who was I to deny him such a pleasure? Turning up 15 minutes before our booking, I was glad we had the foresight to call as there was a bit of a queue forming.  Although there was a bit of confusion over the booking, we were quickly whisked over to a table next to the window with profuse apologies about the mix-up, despite our insistence that it really didn’t matter as we were early anyway. _DSC3029-2 I am normally a strictly coffee-only kind of girl at breakfast, but this morning there was something about that warm weather and the beach vista in front of me that persuaded me to change my ways, and I opted for a decadent iced mocha.  Milkshakes and all that jazz being Ollie’s beverage of choice, he was quite happy to settle for an iced chocolate.  With a generous scoop of ice-cream and plentiful chocolate, these ones certainly did not disappoint. _DSC3009-2 The menu was small with all the usuals, and some more interesting options like bubble and squeak and house made crumpet with avocado, smoked ham & poached eggs, basil & cucumber dressing – when do you see crumpets on breakfast menus anymore! After perusing the options, Ollie gave his vote to the Yallingup wood-fired bread grilled served with rocket, parmesan, prosciutto & poached eggs ($18.50) with a side of hollandaise. It was a worth choice – the hollandaise was clearly made in house  and a lemony tang shone right through all the creaminess. That proscuitto was crispy and salty, and provided a nice textural balance against this leafy dish. _DSC3023-2 A sucker for anything with the word chilli in it, I had a slow braise of tomato and basil on sourdough with english spinach, chilli and a poached egg ($18) with a side of chevre, because goats cheese is my latest obsession. Unfortunately I couldn’t taste too much chilli (those less accustomed to spicy foods may have gotten a bit more of a hit!), but the braise was fab, and there was a healthy amount of basil sprinkled through the dish to give it that peppery bite.  A perfectly poached eggs topped it off well, but I think that it was the combination of these with the goats cheese that made this dish one that I would come back for. _DSC3025-2 We wandered on down to the beach afterwards, to dip our toes in the water one last time before heading back to Perth, and I thought this beach report sign summed up the day pretty damn well. _DSC3054-2 We stopped by Simmo’s on the way out, so I could pick up some ice-cream for my liquorice-fiend mother.  I hadn’t planned to get anything there, but of course the moment I walked in the door all bets were off.  So many gorgeous flavours and colours, I can never help myself when presented with good ice-cream! I ended up getting a double scoop with burnt caramel and bubblegum, which I ate outside on the grass while Ollie watched on in wonderment, incredulous that I could eat that after the milkshakes we had at breakfast. _DSC3063-2 This was a great morning, and the perfect way to end our weekend of food adventures in south west WA. We drove on back to Perth with joy in our tummies, making an ice-cream delivery to a very happy mother on our way home! Bunkers Beach Cafe on Urbanspoon Simmos Icecreamery & Cafe on Urbanspoon


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