On Sunday, I ventured south of the river to breakfast hotspot Sprolo to catch up with a long-time friend who has just moved back from Brisbane due to the impending birth of her first child.  Besides being super excited to see her bump, I was looking forward to good chats, some yummy brunch food and, from what I had heard on the grapevine (aka instagram), some seriously good coffee.

As I walked on in to the cafe, it wasn’t a surprise not to see Courtney there already – in all the years we have been friends there has been very few times she has been punctual! The couch at the front looked incredibly tempting and I almost wanted to curl up into it while I waited for her to turn up, but I knew that once it came to time for brekkie it would have likely ended up with me getting food all over myself, so I decided to settle at one of the smaller tables down the back.


The cafe is really bright and airy, with a communal high table running down the middle of the floor, bright splashes of colour and and funky finishings like deconstructed guitars laid out in frames on the walls. In a space at the back behind the kids play area you will find Blacklist Coffee Roasters, a local company who share the building to have what they describe as their very own ‘cellar door’ in this popular cafe.


A glance at the menu confirmed my suspicion that the name Sprolo was indeed a portmanteau – a combination of spro (slang for espresso for those in the know) and YOLO (you only live once) – that Gen Z proverb that encourages you to live every day like its your last. I’m not sure how I feel about this phrase becoming so mainstream, but what would I know as a Gen Y? The world belongs to the kids now.


I decided to try a coffee flight ($7) – a combination of single origin espresso, sparkling water and a flat white, designed to be drunk in that order. It was interesting to see how the milk changed the taste of the bean – I found the espresso a little bitter for my personal taste, but the flat white was mellow and creamy – and for those who aren’t a fan of milk there is an espresso/long black option that you can dive headfirst into.


I have been a bit of a fiend for baked eggs lately, and when I saw it on the menu here I had a brief moment where I thought that perhaps I should give something else a go, but it didn’t last long and I gave into my desires soon enough.  Sprolo’s version of this dish came with slow cooked eggs, chorizo, beans, capsicum, and was served with 2 sourdough slices (approx $15).  Those slow baked eggs were absolutely superb – on prodding them gently with my fork the yolk slowly oozed out, with that thick, velvety texture that elecits so much excitement in brunch enthusiasts everywhere.  The beans were well cooked, soft without being too mushy and the ratio of beans to chorizo was ideal.  Best of all, the bread wasn’t impossible to tear apart as you sometimes get with sourdough, so I was able to pile it on and take a huge bite without worrying about cutting it up (although I still did get it all over my face).


Courtney decided on the bagel with avocado, beetroot hummus and cherry tomato.  I was shocked that she hadn’t had a bagel before, and assured her that it would change her life for the better.  Lucky they do a good job on their bagels, or there may have been a bit of disappointment in the room after all my raving.  The avocado was plentiful and the beetroot in the hummus shone through without being too overpowering. I didn’t try a cherry tomato, but I think it would have been a pivotal element on the dish to cut through the creamy texture of the avocado and hummus.   Served on a dense, well seasoned sea salt and rosemary bagel, this was an all-round solid breakfast dish.


Sprolo lived up to its reputation on social media, and with its well priced and varied menu its a welcome member of the breakfast scene on the south side of the river.  When we had finished breakfast,  I bought a 1kg bag of coffee beans as I had enjoyed my coffee with breakfast so much.  After chatting to the barista about how I drink my coffee, he recommended etude – a bean with chocolatey undertones, best drunk with milk. When I brewed some the next morning, it didn’t disappoint – I will definitely be back for more!
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