Food photography and Styling workshop

The weekend before last, I was lucky enough to attend a food styling and photography workshop run by Peggy Saas of cake crumbs & beach sand and Bec Tougas at The Mantle in Fremantle.  It was a full day of photography tips and meeting other lovely ladies of Perth who were interested in unleashing their creative spirits for the day.

It was loads of fun to be able to play with all the props that had been bought along, and we were treated to yummy juices from Nestle and Crush, pizzas from Magna Pizza, tapas from Don Tapa (both located in The Mantle) and some yummy sweets from the Little Sweet Bakery. The surroundings at the Mantle presented heaps of opportunities for great photos – the lighting was beautiful, the decor and furnishings were gorgeous, and the floor was really interesting in a rough, textural sort of way (and yes, that did result in pictures of food being taken on the floor!). So in no particular order, just because I wanted to share them, here are some of my shots from the day.


_DSC3165-2 _DSC3171-2 _DSC3172-2 _DSC3174-2_DSC3154-2_DSC3179-2 _DSC3180-2 _DSC3182-2 _DSC3183-2 _DSC3193-2



Most of the food, except the cake (little sweet baking), bread (wild bakery) and vegetables (the lettuce shop), is available for purchase at the Mantle, although the style of the venue and the rotating kitchens means depending on which day you go there might be other vendors there. I will be back sometime soon to try more of the scrumptious food!

The Mantle on Urbanspoon


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