Last week I moved out of a share house that I have lived in on-and-off with two of my best friends for the last 7 years or so, into a real, grown up apartment that I apparently have to pay the bank to live in. A scary move but an exciting one as well, and the move puts me within a very easy walking distance to the CBD which is a concept that makes me a little bit more than excited – especially seeing as I moved in just in time to walk to the night noodle markets (putting aside the fact that I didn’t actually make it there for 5 days, having been too exhausted from moving boxes for a week)! But the move and the opportunities it presents will be the subject of future musings, the point of this post is not my new neighbourhood but a part of my old one (or close by to it at least) – Hylin in West Leederville. This little cafe is just a train stop or two from my old house, and one of my favourite places to stop in the morning for a coffee or two and some good grub.

Before last week, I had only ever visited Hylin on my lonesome before – its pretty interior with lots of open space and fresh air thanks to the huge bifold windows, funky wall art and greenery in the form of potted succulents makes it a beautiful space to sit for an hour before work and get some blogging done (the free wi-fi helps as well).  I had been meaning to take Ollie along for a while, so being the last opportunity to stop off on the way to work, I decided to drag him along to visit with me last Wednesday. He was also flying out to Malaysia that day to play some ultimate frisbee (a legitimate sport, or so they say) so it was a nice way to spend some time together before he escaped the drudgery of packing boxes.


When we rocked up at 7am on a dreary, grey Wednesday morning I was expecting it to be fairly quiet, but I could not have been more wrong! Such is the lure of the what is on offer at Hylin, many others had decided to brave the drizzle and get over here for a warm, comforting hump day breakfast. I have to say though, there is a lot of apartments in that area and for a long time there has been a dearth of decent cafes in the immediate area to visit, so having both Aliment and Hylin within walking distance would be enough to make any long term West Leederville resident motivated to brave the rain. I hate to think what the crowds might be like on the weekend! We managed to grab a table smack-bang on the middle of the restaurant, and ordered some drinks keep us occupied while we looked over the menu.

I had a flat white, which I enjoyed as usual – the coffee here never gives you anything to complain about. I accidentally ordered Ollie an iced coffee rather than iced chocolate, but luckily he dealt with it pretty well despite his aversion to the beverage that most of us rely on to get through any normal day. I had a sip of it and it was fairly sweet for an iced coffee, so that probably helped him along. I’ll turn him into a coffee drinker yet!

_DSC3735-2 _DSC3736-2

There is a reasonable sized menu here, featuring a range of options from superfood laden dishes like the acai bowl and granola to the more decadent creamed corn and chorizo – there should be something to suit every palate. From my experience, nothing you order will leave you feeling hungry either.  My weakness is breakfast dishes with beans and eggs, and Hylin do a fantastic version of spanish beans – homemade beans in a rich tomato sauce with spicy chorizo, two poached eggs and crusty bread ($16.50) so I ordered that.

We had to wait a while for the food as we had incredibly bad timing and ordered just after about 8 other people – but who is in a hurry to get to work on a Wednesday anyway? The wait was worth it – the beans were perfectly cooked, retaining that little bit of resistance on biting into them (nothing worse than an mushy bowl of beans)! The tomato sauce was bursting with flavour, and is really enhanced by the meaty chunks of chorizo dispersed throughout the dish which I had to try not to hunt out so I wasn’t left with all beans and no chorizo at the end! The eggs were wobbling about and just waiting to be prodded with a fork so the oozy yellow yolk could spill out, and once it was mixed in with the beans it made the bean mixture a little bit thicker and a whole lot more delicious. The crusty bread was handy for scooping up some beans and piling them into my mouth, although I would have liked my packet of butter a little bit warmer so it spread on the bread a little easier.


Ollie ordered the breakfast bruschetta – poached egg, rocket, cherry tomato, avocado, feta and fried shallots of ciabatta ($14.50). It was a beautiful looking dish – the poached egg perched proudly on top of a big pile of greenery, with corn, tomato and avocado sprinkled throughout and the creamy feta acting almost like a dressing, especially when combined with the runny egg yolk. A nice fresh way to start the morning!

_DSC3737-2 _DSC3739-2

As I expected, breakfast at Hylin with the boy was a lovely way to start the morning. It was nice to share the experience with him, and I was glad that it lived up to the expectations that I had built for it in his mind (even if I did order the wrong drink for him)! If you haven’t been already (or even if you have) I would suggest you get yourself over to the lesser explored side of Leederville sooner rather than later. If Wednesday was anything to go by though, I would be gearing myself up for a wait if I went on the weekend – good luck!

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