The Wolf The Bean The Walnut

It’s been a pretty unhealthy few weeks, what with olympic level eating over family lunches, and moving-related stress increasing alcohol consumption (honestly, who can put together Ikea furniture WITHOUT a glass of wine). At the same time, visits to the gym have been few and far between (aka non-existent), so to say my body doesn’t love me so much right now might be an understatement. So it was welcome news last week when my friends organised breakfast at The Wolf The Bean The Walnut, a little alleyway café with a focus on vegan, vegetarian, raw and paleo food. I’m not a big convert to the paleo fad and I am certainly not vegetarian, but it was good to know that there would be a few healthy dishes floating around the menu.


Arriving bleary eyed at 7.30, having only stumbled out of bed a short time earlier, my first point of call was to order a much needed coffee. What came out rejuvenated my tired mind and helped my eyes to open a little wider – it was a delicious, creamy brew with a beautiful presentation, even if the orange mug wasn’t so photogenic! Lots of smoothies and cold pressed juices are also on offer, for those who crave healthier stimulants. I was also happy to see that there is a very reasonable mix of food items on the menu, with something to suit a variety of dietary requirements and some options for those who aren’t quite so restricted.


The place itself is pretty funky, bright and airy with some fun wall art paying homage to their name (well, part of it anyway – I didn’t see any beans or walnuts on the wall).


A couple of other girls ordered the muesli, and I didn’t actually have a look at the menu to see what as on it as I was too focused on all the side of the menu with the eggs on it. It looked pleasant though, a large bowl of grains with ample amounts of yoghurt and what looked to be a berry sauce. It was offered in both gluten-free and gluten-full options, and it was well received by those that ordered it.


One of the more simple dishes was Sam’s choice of the day – the scrambled eggs with sourdough toast ($13, with the option for gf toast for an extra $1.50). The eggs were plentiful and looked really creamy and delicious, and although Sam left the tomato on top untouched, I thought it would be a nice addition for those who do like this juicy garnish as it would provide a welcome contrast to the richness of that many eggs.


I had ordered the smashed avocado with poached eggs, feta on sour dough, cherry tomatos, rocket and balsamic. This was priced at $20 on the menu, but when I ordered it with a coffee it came to a total of $21, so I am not sure if the price had changed or whether there is a special for ordering food and a coffee. Either way, it wasn’t anything to complain about!

_DSC3772-2 _DSC3773-2

It was absolutely huge! The two large pieces of sourdough toast didn’t suffer from being overly crusty as can sometimes be the case – instead it was soft and springy, only made better by the generous amount of avocado loaded on, and the pleasingly fresh rocket and tomato. I really enjoy having rocket with my breakfast dishes as opposed to the traditional spinach – I find rocket has that little bit more bite to it which hits your tastebuds a little harder. The eggs were poached well, a little on the harder side that I normally aim for but still runny enough to spread around to put yolky gloriousness all over everything. This was one of those meals where your tummy extends to the point where you don’t think it can go any further, but you know that it will have to because it’s just too yummy not to finish.


I really enjoyed breakfast at TWBW, and looking at what was on offer in the cabinet and the counter I would definitely walk back over there for a healthy mid-week work lunch. It was a really lovely environment, efficient service with a smile and an open and bright interior. Worth a visit!

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