Festival Frenzy in Perth

How good was Perth last weekend? It’s been a little bit of a crash landing back into reality, arriving back home after our extended holiday. Before I knew it I was back at work with the paperwork piling up, and trying to get back into a reasonable exercise regime to counteract all the eating and drinking we had done overseas. Despite all the walking we did, I hadn’t managed to burn those extra treats off! It’s not all work and no play though, and this weekend just past had plenty of opportunities to get out and about to have some fun. From Friday evening drinks in Northbridge to Sunday evening spent doing the time warp with a bunch of other Frank-N-Furter fans at Luna Palace in Leederville, it was the weekend that left me needing a weekend to recover from it!

First cab off the rank was Friday drinks at The Standard, where we indulged in carafes of classy cocktails and tasty tapas – like my all-time favourites fava chips; and some delicious blue cheese on crunchy oat crackers. These guys also do some mean savoury mushroom doughnuts with lemon and chive curd….I salivate just thinking about it!


Saturday bought with it a massive sleep in thanks to Friday night’s antics, and a slow start to the day at the Bonjour Perth French Festival. I had won a free event passport from a Yelp competition which gave me some cool discounts that I used on the 3 amigos at Baguette Me Not (Franco-Vietnamese street food)  – the amigos being chicken; pulled pork; and mushroom each in a bahn mi taco slider. Sound confusing? Sound awesome? It was all kinds of glorious. I also a got a macaron (or three) from Maison St Honore because MOUSTACHE.


Then the Yelp theme continued and in the evening I attended a Yelp event on a boat. A Boat Collective boat to be precise. They are this cool company that runs Saturday and Sunday sunset river cruises, complete with a fully stocked bar and tasty food for sale. We had heaps of fun cruising around, taking in the views and drinking beer. Definitely one to keep in mind for summer!


Sunday morning I dragged my tired legs up to Angove Street festival to check out another one of Perth’s fantastic street festivals. In between intermittent rain drops, I watched trapeze artists swing around without so much as a mat between them and the cold, hard concrete, and indulged in a few more street eats. Including empanadas from Marcelita’s Perth and colourful cake from Carinas Kitchen. Both delicious – particularly that delicious lemony icing on the cake!


A short nap later I was up and about in Leederville, having dinner at Low Key Chow House before catching the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Luna Palace. Waking up late from a nap meant forgetting my camera and not taking pictures, but dinner at LKCH was on point (as usual) and the hordes of Frank-N-Furter look-a-likes at the cinema made for an entertaining evening. Here’s a throwback photo of the ga xao xa ot we had anyway – this lemongrass chicken curry was as good as it was when I had it in October last year!


The only disappointing thing about the weekend was that I didn’t make it to Beauvine festival to eat even more food, but it just wasn’t to be this year! By all accounts it looked like a great time and a great turnout though. Now, to spend the work week getting some rest!


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