Koffie Winkel

Living in Northbridge for the last year has been amazing, but it’s given me skewed perceptions about how far away things really are. Having everything so close can be a blessing and a curse at the same time – there are so many options but it’s gotten to the point where even walking 400 metres to the closest coffee shop  has started to seem like an insurmountable task on a Sunday morning! Luckily for me, Koffie Winkel (Dutch for coffee shop) – has recently opened up right around the corner from me. It ticks all the boxes with its beautiful interior, quality coffee and most importantly – fresh, tasty food.

Koffie Winkel sounds like it has been in the making for a while – while I was there I had a quick chat to the owners who were happy to have lengthy approval processes for various aspects of the business behind them now. They certainly didn’t waste their time spent waiting though, making all the furniture in the shop themselves after deciding they didn’t want to spend a fortune or compromise on quality. It paid off because everything looks amazing – I didn’t get a photo of the bar stools but they looked seriously cool! And the huge couch that looks right at home in the corner of the cafe is a beautiful feature piece.

The rest of the interior is pretty on trend as well, with smooth concrete walls, flashes of copper, repurposed industrial light bulbs and flashes of green succulents here and there. And of course, the obligatory edison globes hanging at the back of the cafe!

I had the Mexican beans with poached eggs, gaucamole and yoghurt with my usual flat white, while Ollie opted for the salmon with poached eggs, dill, capers on toast and a watermelon, cucumber and mint juice. Both of our meals were very generous sizes, and great value coming in at $40 for the both of us.

The beans were different to any I have had anywhere else, with some carrot and celery poking their head up here and there. I have to say they were perfectly cooked to fit in with the dish, retaining a little bit of bite and crunch. The eggs were on point, oozing out that yellow yolk as I cut into them. The greatest part of the dish was the gaucamole, which was served with just the right amount of onion and tomato and perfectly seasoned with lemon juice and salt. Loaded up on the corn chips with the yoghurt and dipped into the beans- yum! Combined with my coffee made with loaded beans, I was in brunch heaven.

The smoked salmon was also a winning dish, with fresh grainy bread and that tangy caper dressing really differentiating the dish from others on the market and taking it up to the next level. Ollie, who is quite the smoked salmon veteran, was very impressed by it.

Great food, great service; the list of A-grade brunch spots in Perth continues to grow!


Koffie Winkel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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