Holly Rayes Cafe

Tucked away in the back streets of suburban Bassendean, Holly Rayes is a tiny cafe that it packing big punches for the pooches and their owners alike. The vibe here is warm and welcoming – the owners greeting regulars as they walk past with their dogs, tails wagging as they stop to lap at the bowl of water set out especially for them on the sidewalk (the dogs that is, not humans). The interior is simple is the best way possible – bright and light with the occasional pop of colour. And the food? Well, it didn’t leave anything to be desired!

I rocked up with my sister early on a Saturday morning – well, early relative to when I might normally get up on a Saturday. Ok, so we turned up at 9.30. There was a healthy crowd already seated, and we wandered inside to see if we could put our name on a waitlist for a table. They didn’t really have a system for that, which I found a bit surprising given how popular they seem to be. Not to worry though, we hovered somewhat awkwardly by the door until someone left and we surreptitiously slid into their seats at practically the moment they left them – can you blame a girl when she’s hungry?

To start with, I ordered I a ‘Bright Eyes’ for that early morning kick – it consisted of an espresso and flat white, which came with a side of sparkling water. I am still not entirely on the espresso bandwagon but this one was as good as I have had anywhere, the flavours punching me full in the mouth and the caffeine coursing through my body for a well needed pick-me-up. The flat white was a more leisurely affair, served at a pleasant temperature I took my time to savour the taste.

Turning our mind to food, both of us had our eye on the pulled pork benedict, but in the interests of variety I demurred and turned my attention to the breakfast guacamole which came with jalapeño cornbread and black bean salsa. Not that this was settling to any standards – breakfast guacamole has been a feature on many breakfast menus recently and it’s one of my favourite meals to indulge in.

It didn’t disappoint either; with soft cornbread and perfectly cooked black beans making for a hearty meal, and contrasting well with the pop of flavour and texture that the corn and avocado bought to the plate. As good as it was, obviously I had to try some of each dish and I can report that the eggs benedict was the clear winner for the day – I can never go past that creamy, buttery hollandaise; and the pulled pork had just enough juice to soak into that fresh, thick cut bread and send my tastebuds into heaven!

And of course, you can’t write a post about Holly Rayes without mentioning the feature Anya Brock mural on the side of the wall of a solemn looking dog. It’s a beautiful piece by a local artist who has work stamped in various places around Perth, and this one suits its location right down to a T.



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