Hermosa Cantina

Nestled on Cambridge Street in the heart of Wembley, Hermosa Cantina has been delighting the people of Perth with its Spanish inspired menu for nigh on mine months now, although its dedicated following would have you believe its been around a lot longer. You wouldn’t expect anything different though, given the people behind the scenes are the very people that operate the legendary Tropico in North Beach. Hermosa has been on my to-do list since it first dipped its feet into the Perth food scene, and the only question in my mind was whether to go for brunch or dinner! As usual though, my love of brunch won out and a few weeks ago there I was; 10am on a Sunday at an overflowing Hermosa Cantina.

The inside is bright and airy, with large windows around most of the building letting the sunlight stream through. Although it was busy, it didn’t have a frenzied feel and I was greeted by friendly staff as I walked in.

The menu is varied, and as I perused it I thought everything sounded delicious, which made choosing difficult. Don’t be fooled; the struggle is real! But I’m not one shy away from difficult decisions, and eventually I managed to settle on the pan con mushrooms which came with goats cheese and poached eggs. My brunch partner-in-crime Sammie chose the ‘Full Spanish’ – poached eggs, chorizo chipolatas, mushroom, beans, bacon and tomato.

We ended up waiting quite a while for the food to turn up to the party – probably about 45 minutes in the end. The wait staff were lovely about it though, and even came over to offer us free coffees which I thought was a nice touch. It’s much easier to forgive a long wait when its acknowledged and some efforts are made to  make up for it! On the subject of coffee, they are serving up a quality brew here with beans by Will and Co, and although it came out a little bit hot it was enjoyable – and to be fair I am quite partial to my coffee being on the cooler side.

As for the food, I enjoyed my mushroom dish to the very last bite. Goats cheese is one of my favourite things on this earth, and combined with those perfectly cooked mushrooms and soft, fluffy bread (yay for crusts that are easy to cut through!) I was in brunch heaven. As I would expect at a venue of this calibre, the poached eggs were perfectly done, with vibrant yellow yolk spilling out across my black serving board. Sammie seemed equally pleased with her brunch, with the exception of the beans which were undercooked and a little crunchy.

As you go up to pay at the counter, it’s next to impossible to not ogle the doughnuts in the cabinet at the back of the restaurant. I had couldn’t keep my eye off one particular chocolate cronut, and as I paid for it I justified it by telling myself that I was just being a nice girlfriend and taking it home to share with Ollie. Of course, it was entirely out of self interest. But hey, it made me feel a little more virtuous!

Brunch at Hermosa was an all round enjoyable experience, only marred slightly by a longer than usual wait for brunch. But I appreciated the way it was dealt with, and it just gave me and Sammie all the more time to catch up! Dinner here is now firmly within my sights.
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