Tre Amici

It seems to me that Perth is awash with choices when it comes to dining out these days. Subi is undergoing a renaissance, Leederville is jam packed with cafes and don’t even get me started on trying to choose my favourite place to eat in Northbridge! Luckily for me (and you), for those nights that you really just can’t choose those clever folk at No Mafia, Francoforte and Chico Gelato put their heads together and came up with Tre Amici – a roving dinner experience available Monday through Thursday that’s a damn tasty bargain at just $35.

Turn up at No Mafia to buy your ticket to ride for the night, and settle in to enjoy a glass of house wine, beer or a soft drink with the antipasti part of the evening. On our visit, we each got 4 yummy green olives, bruschetta and a corn fritter/croquette sort of thing with an unidentified but delightful creamy sauce. There was a meat, anchovy and traditional tomato option for the bruschetta and we all opted for the meat on this occasion. I am pretty sure it was mortadella but to be honest I was too busy chatting and drinking wine to pay that much attention! Whatever it was, it was tasty and had a hint of truffle flavour to it. For those whose tummies don’t like gluten, they can adapt the bruschetta to make it gluten free.

Next, we were on to Francoforte for the primo part of the adventure. At Francoforte, your ticket got you a main sized bowl of pasta from their menu, and some fluffy bread with balsamic and olive oil at the table when you sat down.

There isn’t much to say about Francoforte that hasn’t already been said – they do pasta, and they do it well. The guanciale (cured pig cheek) carbonara is a stand-out, however on this occasion I chose the kale pesto pasta. Mostly because our waitress advised that if we wanted the carbonara or the squid in vino we would have to pay an extra $5 and I was feeling cheap. Strange though, given that those two dishes were only a dollar more expensive than the kale pesto pasta and a few others on the normal menu.

There was one other odd thing  happening here. When we booked the dinner, we checked whether Francoforte had gluten free pasta and were told yes. So much to our surprise, and Sam’s disappointment, when we got to Francoforte it emerged that although they have gluten free pasta, they don’t any have gluten free sauces! When we asked what they normally put on the pasta, the waitress gave us a confused look and told us they put the sauce on the pasta (like, duh). So poor Sam had to miss out on pasta at the end, and had a salad which she said was nice but looked a little underwhelming next to all the pasta. So that’s one to watch out for.

That aside, those of us that did have pasta thoroughly enjoyed it and wished we had BYO’d some red wine to enjoy with it all!


And finally, we were off for dolce at Chico Gelato. Chico has only been around a short while, but in that short time it’s really made its mark on William Street. With gelato flavours like malted milk cornflake cookie, lavender honeycomb and toasted rice, and pushing the bounds of sorbet with flavours like chocolate and passionfruit jubes, you’re always onto a winner when you step through those doors into the gelateria. With the Tre Amici ticket, you get one standard scoop with chocolate topping, and if you want an extra scoop you just pay the difference . This time I opted for an old fav, the salted caramel crack, to finish off the night.

And that was Tre Amici! A great value night out in my opinion, and a good way to try a few different places over a couple of hours. The staff at all three places were friendly, despite some being run off their feet, and the whole thing ran very smoothly. Definitely one for the list.



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