On the corner of Hay and Milligan Street in the CBD lies Tiisch, which I have decided is Perth’s dreamiest cafe. With its bright white walls, punctuated with splashes of greenery hanging from the roof and sprouting from planter boxes, it’s difficult not to be enamoured from the moment you walk in. But if charming interiors aren’t quite enough to win you over, stick around for the food and there won’t be any doubt in your mind. I was so taken with it, I visited for brunch twice in as many weeks!

One of the great things about Tiisch is that the menu is interesting without being too pretentious. Yummy options like a bacon and egg roll with brioche,  speck, provolone cheese and BBQ sauce stand out as breakfast indulgences while coconut and chia oatmeal with caramelised banana, almond, bee pollen and rose make my insides smile.

The first time I visited decided on the special – shakshuka with slow cooked egg and garlic ciabatta on the side, while my breakfast companion opted for the matcha pancakes with strawberry, roasted rhubarb, mascarpone, honey & chamomile syrup.


The shakshuka was great – rich, tasty tomato sauce with a slow cooked egg, a good dollop of yoghurt and an incredibly generous serve of garlic ciabatta made for a hearty start to the day. The matcha pancakes were soft and fluffy, as all pancakes should be, and the balance of sweet and savoury was reportedly on point.

On my return visit I tried the avocado on toast with hummus, fresh cheese, preserved lime, herbs and a poached egg, with a side of bacon.This was seriously good smashed avocado – certainly worth forgo-ing a house deposit for! I only thing I wasn’t sure about size of the bacon compared to its $5 price tag price (although the angle of that photo makes it look quite big) but it seems to be the going rate at the moment.


And  finally, it’s worth mentioning that the coffee was really lovely both times I visited . If you’r going to visit it’s worth making a reservation – although it was quiet both times when I arrived at 7.15 it was pumping by about 8.00.  I will be booking myself in again ASAP to check out their lunch menu!


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