On the corner of Hay and Milligan Street in the CBD lies Tiisch, which I have decided is Perth’s dreamiest cafe. With its¬†bright white walls, punctuated with splashes of greenery hanging from the roof and sprouting from planter boxes, it’s difficult not to be enamoured from the moment you walk in. But if charming¬†interiors aren’t quite enough to win you over, stick around for the food and¬†there won’t be any doubt in your mind. I was so taken with it, I visited for brunch twice in as many weeks!

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Perth’s ever burgeoning cafe scene has been bolstered yet again by another top-notch cafe, this time in the increasingly popular¬†suburb of Bayswater. Tbsp has recently opened on the main thoroughfare, King William Street, and it’s serving up some seriously good brunch fare with an Asian influence. Think congee with chicken confit, slow cooked egg, chicken crackling and coriander, or fried chicken sandwich with pickle brined maryland, gochujang slaw and pickled cucumber on a brioche bun, alongside¬†decadent dishes like french toast with whipped honey butter and cereal crunch. Safe to say, I wanted to eat everything on the menu.

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The Old Laundry

Pop tarts. For me, they bring back bring back memories of a year spent on student exchange in Canada, where supermarket shelves are stocked with Kraft mac’n’cheese and instant pancake mix in every flavour imaginable, where it was always cold, where classrooms are overheated and a¬†year¬†when I drank more Barcardi than anyone should ever drink in a lifetime. During this part of my life, a¬†staple of my diet¬†was the ubiquitous North American anytime-of-the-day delicacy: pop-tarts. Dropping off my radar after moving back to Perth, these sweet bundles of joy¬†made a reappearance recently, in the form of many an instagram image of an ice-cream adorned pop-tart. This was a creation from the talented chefs at relatively new North Perth cafe, The Old Laundry. It¬†one¬†looked a hell of a lot more sophisticated¬†than the double chocolate pop tarts that I used to rip out of a silver wrapper (probably after a night drinking too much Barcadi), but would it bring me the same guilty pleasure? I set off to North Perth to find out.

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The Wolf The Bean The Walnut

It’s been a pretty unhealthy few weeks, what with olympic level¬†eating over family lunches, and moving-related stress increasing alcohol consumption¬†(honestly, who can put together Ikea furniture WITHOUT a glass of wine). At the same time, visits to the gym have been few and far between (aka non-existent), so to say my body doesn’t love me so much right now might be an understatement. So it was welcome news last¬†week¬†when my friends organised breakfast at The Wolf The Bean The Walnut,¬†a¬†little alleyway caf√© with a focus on vegan, vegetarian, raw and paleo food. I’m not a big convert to the paleo fad and I¬†am certainly not vegetarian, but it was good to know that there would be a few healthy dishes floating around the menu.

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Last week I moved out of a share house that I have lived in on-and-off with two of my best friends for the last 7 years or so, into a real, grown up apartment¬†that I apparently have to pay the bank to live in. A scary move but an exciting one as well, and the move puts me within a¬†very easy walking distance to the CBD which is a concept that makes me a little bit more than excited¬†– especially seeing as I moved in just in time to walk to the night noodle markets (putting aside the fact that I didn’t actually make it there for 5 days,¬†having been too exhausted from moving boxes for a week)! But the move and the opportunities it presents will be the subject of future musings, the¬†point of this post is not my new neighbourhood but a part of my old one (or close by to it at least) – Hylin in West Leederville.¬†This little cafe is just a train stop or two from my old house, and one of my favourite places to stop in the morning for a coffee or two and some good grub.

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The Shipping Lane

Last weekend,¬†after I¬†had two pretty different¬†experiences. The first of these¬†was on the pleasant end of the spectrum¬†– a lovely Valentines Day brunch at relative newbie The Shipping Lane in North Fremantle with a close friend. After this came some post-brunch¬†chats on the seaside, ambling through more topics than I thought might have been possible in one morning. ¬†Unfortunately this lovely long chat resulted in the experience on the other end of the spectrum¬†– what was probably the worst sunburn of my life. ¬†Seriously. ¬†It’s been a week and I am still recovering. ¬†I wouldn’t say brunch was worth the sunburn, but I will say no other brunch I have ever had came close to the one that I had here.

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Bunkers Beach Cafe

On the way home from Gourmet Escape last week, Ollie and I cruised down to the end of Cape Naturaliste Road to Bunkers Beach Cafe, a small cafe ideally placed on the picturesque type of beachfront that is ubiquitous in this part of the world – sparkling blue water giving way to white sand which leads up to rich green bushland. In the infamous words of Lara Bingle and Tourism Australia, if you aren’t here, where the bloody hell are you? I hadn’t eaten a Bunkers Beach Cafe before, always bypassing the indoor cafe for the calm waters of this secluded bay, but Ollie had been wanting to take me here for a while now, and who was I to deny him such a pleasure? Continue reading