A D’Arenberg Degustation

At the end of last year, I was getting ready to take some time off work and head to Bali to celebrate a close friends 30th, when Mount Agung started to get a little restless, flights got cancelled and I was left with $500 worth of Jetstar credit. For a while I was a little bit at a loss about where to go. Melbourne again? Was it time to venture down to Tasmania? I was still umm-ing and ahh-ing over the decision when, during one lazy Sunday morning in bed, I scrolled past a Jetstar advertisement for $200 return flights to Adelaide and made the snap decision to visit the wine regions of South Australia to celebrate my 30th birthday. Little did I know at the time it was going to lead to one of the most interesting meals of my life, a degustation full of delights at the newly constructed ‘cube’ at D’Arenberg in McLaren Vale.

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Tre Amici

It seems to me that Perth is awash with choices when it comes to dining out these days. Subi is undergoing a renaissance, Leederville is jam packed with cafes and don’t even get me started on trying to choose my favourite place to eat in Northbridge! Luckily for me (and you), for those nights that you really just can’t choose those clever folk at No Mafia, Francoforte and Chico Gelato put their heads together and came up with Tre Amici – a roving dinner experience available Monday through Thursday that’s a damn tasty bargain at just $35.

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The Standard

Just around the corner from my apartment is one of my favourite places in Perth, The Standard. This bright, leafy sanctuary on Roe Street is one of my favourite places to stop by for an after work drink, a quick bite to eat or a leisurely Sunday lunch. On a sunny day their wine garden is to die for, and the menu is perfectly curated  to never leave you wanting. I know I am getting into gushing territory a little here, but I seriously love this place.  Continue reading

The Prophet

Vic Park  – it’s one of those parts of Perth that has just exploded with great dining options over the last few years. I mean, I’m sure there has always been a few great spots along the strip but in recent times it just feels like there is more and more options in this area for those nights when you just can’t be bothered to crack open a cookbook at home.  I don’t make it over there often, but one Friday recently I found myself in the area for a girls night at the The Prophet. Excited to be trying this highly regarded Lebanese restaurant for the first time, I headed down Albany Hwy with a bottle of red wine in hand and a sense of excitement.   Continue reading

Mandoon Estate & Homestead Brewery

Last weekend, I had a friend from Canada as a house-guest, and I got the chance to spend a few days playing tour guide in my own city. It was a really fun experience – I find that all to often, life and chores and seeing friends and visiting grandma and tending to your dying pot plant and all those things that are really nice to do but use up all of your time on the weekend happen, and its not often enough that you get to devote a weekend to enjoying everything that your own city has to offer. Getting out to those places like Lesmurdie Falls and spending whole days meandering around the Swan Valley sampling cheese, chocolate and wine to your hearts content definitely needs to happen more often for most Western Australians (or maybe everyone does these things, and I just spend too much time keeping up with netflix). Anyway, with a Canadian in tow on a sunny winter weekend, I took the opportunity to cross a few of those spots in the Swan Valley off the list for another few months. Continue reading

La Cholita

Since I have moved to Northbridge, La Cholita is one of those restaurants that I love to just wander down to on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon – you’re always guaranteed to find a table, the staff are super friendly and the margaritas are off the hook. There is quite often a lunch special of some sort going, but the best time to visit is on Sunday because with any sangria or beer you get a taco for $2 – does it get any better? While I’ve managed to grab the odd taco here and there over the last few months, normally I try and keep the alcohol intake down on a Sunday which makes it difficult to take full advantage of this Sunday special. But Western Australia Day came to my rescue a few weeks ago, when we got a Monday off simply for living in this beautiful state, which presented the perfect opportunity for a Sunday arvo tipple. – aka sangrias and tacos with reckless abandon.   Continue reading


Birthdays are a fabulous time of the year. Family, friends, presents, people you haven’t heard from in years writing on your facebook wall, food, more presents, more food and everyone doing as you ask.  Except that this year I was given direction by my mother that it was time that her and dad met Ollie’s parents, so it was up to me to choose an appropriate venue for the big event. After days of indecision I finally committed Sauma, a new Indian restaurant on the corner of William and James in Northbridge. It’s a little bit different to your average Indian joint, with a playful and inventive menu and a spacious, on-trend interior with a pleasant mix of traditional and modern decor.

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