Pork, sage and pine nut sausage rolls

A little while ago on the Western Australia Day long weekend, I found myself with no plans and Ollie out all day at an indoor frisbee tournament (yes, apparently a real thing!). It seemed as though most of Perth was out and about enjoying the fine display Mother Nature was putting on and checking out all the fun events that the city had to offer on a day off to celebrate our fine state. It looked like a whole lot of fun, but being in a rather instrospective mood I decided that all I was good for that day was pottering around the house with ‘Orange is the New Black’ (my latest obsession) on TV to keep me company. I thought I better to something in honour of Western Australia Day though, so I decided to try my hand at making an all-Australian favourite, the humble sausage roll.  Continue reading


Thai fish curry

I learnt a lot of things making this curry.  It was the first time I had ever cooked with fish, so I learnt a few things in the fish market about different types of fish and how long you need to cook it for.  I learnt that although I am beginning to come around to eating seafood, I can still only spend about four minutes in a fish market before the smell overwhelms me. I learnt that it is really difficult to take a nice photograph of curry. I also confirmed my knowledge that my housemate Suzie is the master of bad puns, when I asked her how many shallots I should put on my plate and she replied ‘Sha-lot of them’!

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Banana and Carrot Cake

When I went shopping on the weekend, Ollie insisted on buying 7 rather large bananas to eat during the week, despite the fact I haven’t seen him in eat a banana in almost forever. But he was adamant he would get through them, so we bought the bananas, they sat in the fruit bowl for almost a week, and you guessed it – they went overripe. This wasn’t all bad news though, because I had some cinnamon icing leftover from gingerbread cupcakes on Christmas, and I had an inkling that banana cake and cinnamon icing were going to be fab together!

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Pulled Pork burgers

A month or so ago, I rather optimistically bought two kilos of pork shoulder before a long weekend, thinking I would have loads of time to while away in the kitchen. I imagined myself slow cooking the pork, creating a to-die-for smoky BBQ sauce, whipping up some coleslaw and sitting back while my housemates exclaimed how I would be the next Nigella and should have my own cooking show and restaurant and so on and so on. But the long weekend turned out like most long weekends, busier than most, and I didn’t have a chance to spend the quality time I needed to create what I wanted to.  Strangely enough, last weekend I had nothing on, and the opportunity to pull my pork out of the freezer and give it a go.  How I managed such a quiet weekend at this stage of the silly season I’m not sure, but boy was it worth it – even if my housemates neglected to mention the Nigella thing!

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Gingerbread pancakes

The other night as I was lying in bed, I was struck by the desire for gingerbread pancakes.  This was rather inconvenient, as it was 11pm on a weeknight and an entirely inappropriate time to make pancakes, particularly as I had to be at work early the morning.  So the craving for gingerbread pancakes has followed me around all week until this morning, when I finally got got to indulge in this christmassy twist on a breakfast favourite.

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Lamb Shank Pies

When I started my blog, I had great intentions for it to be a fairly even mix of recipes out of my kitchen and my thoughts in eating out in Perth.  Since then, I feel like life has been so busy that I feel like I spend every weekend eating out and catching up with friends and family.  Not that this is something to complain about, but it does make a little sad that I don’t have as much time for cooking as I would like. So when I found myself with an entire afternoon to myself last weekend, I decided to invest some time and effort into making slow cooked lamb shank pies for my housemates. Continue reading