The Colca Canyon 

Only 5 hours drive from Arequipa you can find the world’s the second deepest canyon, the Colca Canyon. It’s well suited to trekking, if you’re into that sort of thing, and there are numerous tour operators in Arequipa who are more than willing to show you around its depths for two or three days. I did have a few doubts about my abilities, but I signed up to subject my body to the strains of a two day trek anyway – I was ready to really find out how well my body was going to handle exercise at high altitudes before hitting the Inca Trail! Continue reading



I have to admit, I wasn’t very impressed after an overnight flight flying into a dreary, grey Lima morning after 10 days in sunny Cuba. But Lima was only the beginning of an adventure around Peru that was about to begin. From the sprawling city of Lima I would be off to sunny Paracas for a boat ride out to the Ballestas Islands, then to Huacachina to check out the sand dunes and the Pisco vineyards. After that would come a visit to Arequipa to trek through the Colca canyon, before finally flying to Cusco for the Inca Trail. Peru was the biggest portion of my 8 week South America trip and I wasn’t going to let one foggy morning put me off!  Continue reading

Cuba – Vinales and Trinidad 

After our introduction to Havana, we were on the bus for our tour through Vinales, Cienfugos and Trinidad. After a few days in the chaos of Havana, I was actually feeling quite relieved that we had booked into a tour. As far as tours go, it was relatively chilled with just accomodation, transport and breakfast in the casa particulares paid for, with the option to join in with the group for activities and dinners along the way.  Continue reading