Koffie Winkel

Living in Northbridge for the last year has been amazing, but it’s given me skewed perceptions about how far away things really are. Having everything so close can be a blessing and a curse at the same time – there are so many options but it’s gotten to the point where even walking 400 metres to the closest coffee shop  has started to seem like an insurmountable task on a Sunday morning! Luckily for me, Koffie Winkel (Dutch for coffee shop) – has recently opened up right around the corner from me. It ticks all the boxes with its beautiful interior, quality coffee and most importantly – fresh, tasty food.

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Layup Cafe

Lay-up Cafe has opened up in the space previously occupied by Dizzy Witch Cafe, a long-time Northbridge breakfast institution. I did quite like Dizzy’s but as one door closes another opens, and Lay-up has revitalised the space and brought with it some exciting new menu options so I’m embracing the change. New year, new favourites!

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Lately, much of my time has been taken up with holiday planning – poring over maps of central Europe, planning breathtaking stops in the Austrian Alps, hunting down perfect lakeside cottages and learning all about the whimsical wonders of Germany’s Romantic Road.  Combined with trying to save money for the same trip, going out to eat and blogging about it has taken a bit of a backseat in my life lately. A girl can’t live on home-cooked meals forever though (as good as they might be) so a couple of weekends ago I packed into the car with my girlfriends and we motored our way up the Mitchell Freeway to cafe hotspot Tropico. This bright, airy cafe set one street back from the beautiful North Beach has been on high rotation on all forms of social media lately, serving up all manner of visually perfect grub and we wanted to see if it lived up to its picture perfect reputation!  Continue reading

Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna Cafe is a recently discovered delight for myself and a work friend Lauren, and there is not really words to describe how in love I am with this cute little cafe. It is in a tiny little hole in the wall of Aberdeen Street in Northbridge, serving coffee, juices, tea, delicious vegetarian lunch options and take away desserts. There is also a cute selection of flowers out the front and inside you can buy cards, candles and tea. The lady that runs it is probably the nicest person you have ever met, and her warmth radiates throughout the cafe and makes you feel so at home. I almost don’t want to write this blog post as I want it to remain a little secret, but it’s too beautiful not to share! Continue reading

Little Guildford

When I think of Guildford, a bunch of memories come up. I think of Guildford Grammar, and long afternoons spent in year 10 being forced to endure an alternative form of torture called dance sport with the year 10 boys from Guildford Grammar.  Attending the sister school to Guildford Grammar meant we were stuck with them for a variety of social situations that called for the opposite sex to be involved, and naturally the Guildford boys were the last boys we wanted to be stuck with at the tender age of 16.  But I also have fonder memories of Guildford, in the post school years where Guildford on the weekend meant quaint coffee houses, zany antique shops, and long bushwalks if the weather permitted.  Last weekend I got to visit Guildford for these latter reasons, meeting an old school friend at the relatively new cafe Little Guildford.

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Ootong and Lincoln

Last weekend was Rottofest, a 3 day comedy and music festival on Rottnest Island.  My friends and I went last year, and it was a pretty hectic weekend filled with many many beers and bakery pies, leaving us thoroughly exhausted and delighted at the end of the weekend.  This weekend was promised to be even better, with a ‘crap music disco’ on the Saturday night and enough beers in our bags to last us through till Sunday.  With this in mind, a solid breakfast was required on Friday morning to fuel us up for the weekend ahead.  Heading down to Fremantle for the ferry, we decided to stop for some tasty fare at Ootong and Lincoln.

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