Buenos Aires

Touching down in Buenos Aires (all that time ago now!), all I could think about was all the Argentinian food I was going to eat. This was the part of my trip where I planned on rewarding myself for the long, gruelling hikes across Peru by stuffing myself silly, and washing it all down with some hearty Malbec. I was in for more of a treat than I thought though – while I did expect the steak and red wine, I didn’t expect the breadth of amazing meals I had there. From the most spectacular Mexican/Korean fusion food, to the creamiest gelato and the most amazing range of pastries on every corner, I could have easily spent a second week exploring this beautiful city.

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Eating everything I see in Germany

After a short stop in the Czech Republic, there we were jumping on a train to what would be our last country on our trip – Germany. We had a couple of weeks here though, and a number of exciting things planned out for our time including birthday celebrations, a football game in the famed Dortmund stadium and of course, the largest celebration of beer in the entire world – Oktoberfest! I had also heard a lot of good things about the Berlin food scene so I was looking forward to eating my way around the city. With so many events, so many people to see and so much good food expected in Germany, we arrived with our game faces on ready to knock the next couple of weeks right out of the park. Continue reading

Checking out the Czech Republic 

So we had finished up with our trip around Austria, dropped the car back with a small sigh of relief that we hadn’t crashed it and made our way up to the Czech Republic for the second last country of our Euro adventure.  Although it was a relatively short stop, there was one big reason I was looking forward to the Czech Republic – beer. Nicknamed the liquid bread of the nation, the Czechs are great fans of the stuff, and rank amongst the top nations for consumption per capita (as if I hadn’t drunk enough on this trip already!). Beer wasn’t the only exciting thing about the country though, the Czech Republic promised a number of cultural gems from the UNESCO listed Cesky Krumlov to the capital Prague so read on – I promise it’s not all about the amber liquid!
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Aussies in Austria 

Austria. The country of Mozart, of the Sound of Music, of spectacular mountains, rolling hills, of jaw dropping buildings in the capital and beyond. We arrived in Vienna on a Monday afternoon, a bit worse for wear after our last minute dash to the train at the other end of the line in Budapest. With only the challenge of navigating yet another public transport system standing between us and a shower and a change of clothes, we jumped off the train and joined the crowds of people heading towards the U-Bahn and managed to get to our air BnB apartment with minimal fuss. After freshening up, we were ready for the start of our Austrian adventure which was going to involve some time in the cities, some time driving on the autobahn and hopefully a lot of alpine scenery, schnitzels and sausages. 
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Playing charades in Russia 

So, we’ve moved on in our travels from the liberal city of Amsterdam to a country which is perhaps the polar opposite in its tolerance of certain hedonistic pleasures. Russia, the proud empire that stands at the Far East of Europe and spreads itself across the Asian continent, has lived up to certain expectations in some aspects, but in many other ways has been more wondrous than I ever imagined it might be. Starting with the pretty pastel buildings in the bustling St Petersburg at Russia’s border, to the candy coloured swirls at St Basil’s Cathedral n the heart of the country, read on to find out more about how this country surprised me with all it had to offer.
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Adventures in Amsterdam 

So after months of waiting, whiling the days away saving my pennies and lusting over quaint airbnb apartments on cobblestoned European squares, Ollie and I have finally set off on our nine week adventure through Eastern and Central Europe. Even though nine weeks seems like an eternity at first thought, when it comes to exploring the world you come to realise it’s not such a long time after all and it becomes hard to fit all those dream destinations while leaving enough time to spend long afternoons in parks, cafes and charming town squares. First world problems for sure though, and I’m not complaining about the time we do have as I write this post from my windowsill seat looking out over the Moyka River in St Petersburg reflecting on the week that was (and the food that was eaten) in The Netherlands. 
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Brooklyn Lounge

I have a confession to make.  Today, I went out to eat, I ordered dessert and I didn’t finish it.  For anyone that knows me, this is just about unheard of.  I blame this all on Brooklyn Lounge, and their unashamedly decadent menu. Hot off the press, this venue in Claremont is about as close to the New York vibe that you can get in the western suburbs on Perth. And you know, I’m an expert, because I spent 5 whole days there (New York that is, not Brooklyn Lounge). Continue reading