On the corner of Hay and Milligan Street in the CBD lies Tiisch, which I have decided is Perth’s dreamiest cafe. With its bright white walls, punctuated with splashes of greenery hanging from the roof and sprouting from planter boxes, it’s difficult not to be enamoured from the moment you walk in. But if charming interiors aren’t quite enough to win you over, stick around for the food and there won’t be any doubt in your mind. I was so taken with it, I visited for brunch twice in as many weeks!

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The Standard

Just around the corner from my apartment is one of my favourite places in Perth, The Standard. This bright, leafy sanctuary on Roe Street is one of my favourite places to stop by for an after work drink, a quick bite to eat or a leisurely Sunday lunch. On a sunny day their wine garden is to die for, and the menu is perfectly curated  to never leave you wanting. I know I am getting into gushing territory a little here, but I seriously love this place.  Continue reading

Petition Kitchen

Located in the historic State Buildings that once again shines brightly on the corner of Barrack St and St Georges Terrace thanks to some careful restoration work, Petition is a gorgeous new venue that is comprised of three parts, each with their own character – wine bar, kitchen and beer corner. It  joins a bunch of other heavy hitters in the same space including Sugar Plum Sweets, the Honeycake Shop, Sue Lewis Chocolatier and the soon to be (and very highly anticipated) Long Chim restaurant.  Safe to say you’re pretty spoilt for choice when you’re in the building! In the first few weeks after Petition opened, I dropped by for breakfast a couple of times to check out what was on offer. Continue reading

The Prophet

Vic Park  – it’s one of those parts of Perth that has just exploded with great dining options over the last few years. I mean, I’m sure there has always been a few great spots along the strip but in recent times it just feels like there is more and more options in this area for those nights when you just can’t be bothered to crack open a cookbook at home.  I don’t make it over there often, but one Friday recently I found myself in the area for a girls night at the The Prophet. Excited to be trying this highly regarded Lebanese restaurant for the first time, I headed down Albany Hwy with a bottle of red wine in hand and a sense of excitement.   Continue reading

Bad Apples Bar

Tucked away in a corner of Riseely Street in Applecross, Bad Apples Bar has always been pigeonholed in my mind as a place  to while away the evenings with a drink or two and a couple of mates. A great place; but not a breakfast place. More recently though, I was coaxed into going along to a bootcamp on a Saturday morning (I could hardly believe it either) at Tompkins Park – and as we all know, you can’t exercise in the morning on the weekend without going to brunch afterwards! It’s simply not done. After a quick google to find somewhere nearby – not wanting to drive too far for fear of passing out in shock after exercising so early in the morning  – we discovered that Bad Apples Bar does in fact do breakfast. And a pretty good one at that!

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Festival Frenzy in Perth

How good was Perth last weekend? It’s been a little bit of a crash landing back into reality, arriving back home after our extended holiday. Before I knew it I was back at work with the paperwork piling up, and trying to get back into a reasonable exercise regime to counteract all the eating and drinking we had done overseas. Despite all the walking we did, I hadn’t managed to burn those extra treats off! It’s not all work and no play though, and this weekend just past had plenty of opportunities to get out and about to have some fun. From Friday evening drinks in Northbridge to Sunday evening spent doing the time warp with a bunch of other Frank-N-Furter fans at Luna Palace in Leederville, it was the weekend that left me needing a weekend to recover from it! Continue reading


Lately, much of my time has been taken up with holiday planning – poring over maps of central Europe, planning breathtaking stops in the Austrian Alps, hunting down perfect lakeside cottages and learning all about the whimsical wonders of Germany’s Romantic Road.  Combined with trying to save money for the same trip, going out to eat and blogging about it has taken a bit of a backseat in my life lately. A girl can’t live on home-cooked meals forever though (as good as they might be) so a couple of weekends ago I packed into the car with my girlfriends and we motored our way up the Mitchell Freeway to cafe hotspot Tropico. This bright, airy cafe set one street back from the beautiful North Beach has been on high rotation on all forms of social media lately, serving up all manner of visually perfect grub and we wanted to see if it lived up to its picture perfect reputation!  Continue reading